Lifeboat ends two year journey on South Australian beach

“On the fourth of February we actually got
informed about a life raft that beached itself on The Coorong. From there uh… we quickly
uh… sent a couple of our marine safety officers down; secured it so it couldn’t
become a navigation hazard again uhm… contacted the insurer and organized the salvage of it and it’s,
it’s culminated in the outcome with insurers actually appointed a local
in Kingston to salvage it and it’s going to be removed this Saturday the fifteenth or the sixteenth of uh…
February. It came from a soya bean bulk carrier that was traveling from Brazil to China
with seventy-three thousand tonnes of soya beans when it hit the rocks at
Nightingale Island. When the vessel broke up and sunk the life boats
would have come, would have come free and drifted off and uh… drifted down one of the currents to the uh… clockwise current
around the Antarctic and, uh… ended up on our shores so it’s
fascinating. If you plot the course it’s eight thousand
kilometres or thereabouts. This one’s unique because it’s actually come,
come up on our shores and we’ve had to trace it back on a two-year history to
work out where the thing came from and the rightful owner or the insurer was so that’s the tricky
bit. Ah… it’s going to be displayed as uh…
local museum piece down at Kingston on the South East right next to the lighthouse. It’s going to
form part of the National Trust maritime uh… display at Kingston so it’ll be great. It’s actually a really nice outcome for both the locals
and the insurer; the insurer doesn’t have to scrap the vessel where there’s a cost and the
locals get something that’s washed up on their beach as a piece of history
for The Coorong and the South East so I think it worked out really well for all
all round.”

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