Lifeboat Davit Launching Procedure

Gravity type davits swing a lifeboat
outward and lure it into the water they consist mainly of a pair of frames
davit arms are lashing device boat falls suspension blocks and boat winches the
lifeboat is lowered at a constant speed using its own weight by operating either
the remote-control wire or inside the lifeboat or the remote control lever on
the ship’s deck let us take a closer look at lowering and launching
operations for totally enclosed lifeboats with gravity type tablets prepare a set of transceivers and
confirm that communication is possible also confirm that the cable for the
storage battery charge has been detached confirm attachment of the painter to the
lifeboats painter release device the painter should be connected to the bit
of the parent ship as far forward as practicable remove the over lashing wire
ropes if fitted some vessels are not equipped
with over lashing wire ropes over lashing wire ropes once removed should
be kept together but far enough away to prevent entanglement with the lifeboat
tangling of the rope with the lifeboat could lead to a serious accident the auto trigger wire comes off
automatically when the lifeboat is swung out pull out the safety pin to release the
boat winch break pull out the davit arm stop safety pins
both fore and aft and release the stock by pulling down the handle in one
continuous motion confirm that the remote control wire has been drawn into
the lifeboat then open the access hatch and get onboard

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