Lifeboat crew are called to rescue a stranded Mazda – Daily News

Volunteers from the RNLI were seen pulling a stranded car out of the sand after it was left swamped by the over night tide. The red Mazda was spotted on Rhyl beach, north Wales, in about half-a-metre of soft sand on Friday. However it was not until this morning that the vehicle was finally recovered by 12 volunteers from the RNLI who manged to bring it back to the promenade. After the car was spotted along the welsh coast, photographs and videos soon began to emerge on social media of the car owners desperately trying to the dig the car out of the sand. It is not yet known how the car came to be stuck on the beach. Today photos emerged of lifeboat rescue workers digging the car out with shovels and pushing it out using a ramp. The team spent 20 minutes digging and an hour altogether to free the car from the sand. Share this article Share Rhyl RNLI spokesman Paul Frost said the team were simply doing their bit for the community Mr Frost said: ‘The car got stuck on Friday but we don’t know how it got there. ‘The RNLI doesn’t usually recover vehicles on the beach. It’s usually the county council that would deal with that but the owners came to us. ‘The car was half-a-metre down in the sand so we sent our lifeboat crew out along with 12 of our volunteers. ‘We got together with shovels and boards and managed to push the vehicle out. ‘We were able to push it back to the promenade. ‘We don’t know how it got stuck but thankfully it wasn’t blocking the slip road. ‘It could have been a danger to other ships however.’ On Twitter Deb Blackburne wrote: ‘If you need a job done get the RNLI involved @rhyllifeboat @rjournal @DPDenbNews @RNLI #itsnotjustsavinglivesatsea #savinglivesatsea.’

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