Lifeboat Accident Prevention

Recently accidents involving lifeboats
and launching appliances have increased in number as many as 125 accidents took
place between 1989 and 2003 zoning in 12 persons losing their lives many of these
accidents which took place during regular on board drills can be
attributed to lack of knowledge lack of experience and poor maintenance of the
device by the crew typical causes of accidents include improper resetting of
the lifeboat release device inadvertent operation of the release handle and
cable rod malfunction following a spate of incidents the soleus Convention was
revived and July 2006 annual inspections servicing and repair are to be conducted
by the manufacturers representative or a person trained and certified by the
manufacturer in this DVD program you will be shown operation and maintenance
fundamentals for various types of life-saving appliances with a focus on
prac Siddhant prevention the guidelines introduced are general in nature for a
specific model or product users are strongly advised to refer to the
instruction manual provided by each manufacturer

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