Life on a Navy Submarine – Battle Stations

[ music & water sounds ] Man battle stations. What do you got? Captain sir I have Sierra two faring one nine zero. Tubes one and two are ready in all respects, the outer doors are open. [ inaudible radio communications ] Torpedo evasion. Weapons Officer launch the countermeasures. Launch the countermeasures, aye sir. Pilot, make your depth 700 feet. [ pilot acknowledgement of instruction ] [ Captain gives orders ] Covert launch, tube one primary tube two backup. Solution ready. Weapon ready. Final bearing and shoot. Shoot. Fire – two one. Torpedo course one eight three [ inaudible ] Torpedo is at the enable point. [ radio communications ] Attention tech party we have successfully killed CR two the submerged contact. The incoming torpedo honed in on our own ships counter-measures. My intentions are to conduct an all- sensor search for other threat platforms in the area. Carry on.

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  1. @mafiaman109 well i'd be a helicopter pilot over a fighter pilot anyday, but the Army does have fixed wing aircraft (c-12 huron and C-23 Sherpa) but there are only like 500 of them total, and they're all in the national guard).

    USMC being dept of the Navy, have the same selection process, if i don't get in, i hope to be seated in one of these!


  3. Gotta love commercials,if only operations where that easy and quick I'm real life,lol just make sure your part in the script isn't "bad guy" and your set.

  4. Is battlestations fun? My mom said it sucked because she didnt get a lick of sleep for like 20 hours. The reason I'm asking though is because she enlisted in 85 soooo yeah lol

  5. @WestsidePatriot Its been over 10 yrs since i ran through it but much has changed. It was a 24hr evolution that involved running in "boots and utes" from event to event (I think they get to wear sneakers now). You don't really feel tired, more fatigued, at least until you get back to the "ship" and everything starts to relax. That is when tired kicks in. But hey the Only Easy Day Was Yesterday!! You going to enlist in the future?

  6. @WestsidePatriot Good luck to you after 10yrs of service I can honestly say its been a trying and tough but ultimately worthwhile haul so far.

  7. @WestsidePatriot i just graduated boot camp sept 10th. according to my RDC's its a new battlestations than before… it wasnt really difficult at all, they tell you what ur doing before u do it. honestly the first 48 hours of boot camp was the harder for me. the battlestations was designed by disney lol, the hardest part was staying awake. everything u do before hand is pretty much battlestations. including bases.

  8. @Highwithguns Submariners are strictly volunteers. You might be on a surface ship, and probably will be, at least once on your enlistment. Your rating (job) is a key factor. Hospital Corpsmen can be found almost anywhere, but nuclear power technicians aren't, obviously. Your recruiter can give you more up to date info.

  9. @Highwithguns
    you can choose. i was offered a submarine job with higher pay and an advancement to e4 but i can imagine a submarine would be terrible to work on so i chose another job with the same benefits. leaving the 17th of January!

  10. @snakeshit077 If you don't like this country then leave it for one of your more liberal leaning countries. See if they allow these comments. The profanity needs to stop, but that's probably the only way you know how to talk.

  11. @snakeshit077 you cut the military budget, people will leave and there will be no military. stop being an ignorant fuck.

  12. I am a submarinar. This video should of never been seen it's days past the editing floor. David Guettler USS BATON ROUGE, USS DOLPHIN

  13. @snakeshit077 china could not give two shits about north korea, they have horrible military tech compared to the u.s. besides there strength in numbers we could easliy defeat them

  14. @tHeWasTeDYouTh You are the reason that Commissioned officers get such a bad rap. When I become a second Lieutenant in the Navy, I will pay all respect to the enlisted men. It is all about give respect, get respect

  15. For those of you who aren't in the inside of this joke, you don't salute enlisted unless you're on watch and the procedures tell you to do so, which is very rare.

  16. For Battlestations 21 (a 14-hour evolution) they wear boots and coveralls, and it re-creates an attack and explosion on a ship, similar to the USS Cole. A lot of sailors fail their first attempt, and not just for falling asleep.

    When I joined in 1988 they didn't have anything like either Battlestations 21, or RoadDog's version of a "final exam." We just finished our training, and that was that.

  17. Takes me back. The quiet nerves, sweat pouring, and the constant smell of recycled air and lube oil. God i miss the engine room.

  18. These guys have been studying up to be actors in a grade-B movie.  HINT: You'll never know for sure if you hit that presumed hostile submerged contact Sierra-2, or if your M48 detonated ontop of an enemy decoy.  Don't give me any of that "but we'll be able to hear an enemy submarine implode after detonation," because in all liklihood you won't be able to for any of a number of reasons.  My God!

  19. I used to be one of the guys who tracked contacts and fired torpedoes on a LA class submarine. Best and worst times of my life.

  20. just sayin, if ur job allows u to yell "BATTLE STATIONS" then maybe at least put a little soul into it and hit the red lights…instead of sounding more like a software developer instead of a proper sub captain (yes def prob an actor)…everything else is fantastic though

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