Liberty of the Seas Ship Tour, Food & Activities (4K)

Woooo! Bread smells really good Waiting to watch the ice skating show That’s right! Everyone let’s keep those hands together [cheers and applause] Got my 10,000 steps! Yay! Cha cha cha que rico cha cha cha together together Four Five Six Seven [ringing] That’s one big casino! And… Get ready… Here they go… gotcha! [laughter] Burn baby burn! It’s pretty nice and wide But they don’t say you can jog like the Oasis or Allure Whoa! That’s pretty cool – a Helipad Uh oh A very good afternoon ladies & gentleman this is the Captain from the Bridge Welcome back aboard Expect to be there 10:30 tomorrow morning to start the tendering Grand Cayman is a tendering port And the weather is going to be clearing tomorrow That’s the Carnival Miracle They’re kind of like apartments Is that cool? Good evening Good- how about yourself? These look so good! I didn’t know they sell that Rum cake Shake it shake it! I like the seats there Wine bar $32.95 That’s big Not that detailed Where are the slides yeah [laughing] [coughing] [clears throat] Hot pink! Sorrentos So you gotta get diamonds and what? More watches you get the less points you get Oh you have to avoid the watches diamonds and coins The last dance so let’s dance… So the Star Lounge is at Deck 5 The “Library” Doesn’t have doors There are some shelves Royal Suite Deck 11. That’s us. That’s so cool That looks good Thank you That is so cool Slowing us down It’s trying to keep the heat out Ooh some fresh air yes! Here it comes- boo yeah! Whoa ha ho ho! That’s strawberry? It’s pretty good? Uh huh This is kind of different And the ladders- if it hits the ladder it’s out of bounds Any of the ladders Whoa! To the left, to the left Flowrider Woooooo! Oh my goodness how was it? How was it? Good! Oh yeah? You can stand up? Oh no The hole is over there No it’s going to roll down- look Like pinball Oooooooo Pretty nice up here Very quiet [cheers & applause] Bye! Be safe Bye! Thank you! You’re welcome! Thank you!

33 thoughts on “Liberty of the Seas Ship Tour, Food & Activities (4K)

  1. Will be on her October 6, my boyfriends first cruise. So exciting. Thank you for hyping us up for our first cruise vacation 🤩🥳✨

  2. Great video, thanks for sharing. My wife and I are sailing on this ship in January for our 20th anniversary.

  3. thanks for this tour!! we're new youtubers looking for feedback and support, anything is appreciated!

  4. This is a wonderful ship, with a great crew…class all the way!
    Was on board for a week in June.
    Thanks for posting.

  5. Thanks for this video. Getting excited for our September cruise! 🙂
    Not sure if you flew into Houston, but would you know how it is getting to Galveston from George Bush airport? We arrive one night early and heading straight to Galveston. We're planning to uber there. Is that a good idea? Thanks in advance!

  6. We are taking our 3rd trip on the Liberty on February 9. Beautiful ship…awesome personnel..the food was excellent at buffet..diningroom ..and the specialty restaurants. The Captain was very courteous. Would very much recommend this ship.

  7. man i cant wait for my cruise on liberty i have 6 weeks to go and me being a native Houstian and watching multiple ships depart Galveston when i have been down there and have never taken a cruise out of Galveston, this will also be my second cruise with royal Caribbean, cant wait watching this has me hyped for the cruise in 6 weeks

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