LEGO Steampunk Walking Ship (Strandbeest)

[walking noise] Hey everyone. Today I’m going to show you my latest LEGO
creation, which is this walking machine. As you saw in the intro it is motorized, using
the Power Functions system. Here’s the remote control. And, if we take a closer look you can see the infrared receiver here, the
battery box here if we look underneath, you can see two M motors,
one on either side. The wiring for the motors runs up through
the frame, underneath the deck to connect to the infrared receiver here. Right now I have this resting on these two
stands here just so I can more easily show you what’s
going on but when it’s in action the entire weight
is supported on these legs. The walking mechanism is basically the same
as that developed by Theo Jansen If you’re not familiar with his incredible
kinetic sculptures, you should really check them out. Um, I’ll put a link in the description for
that. I can show you the legs in action while it’s
on the stand here I’ll just turn the battery box on And now using the remote control, I can either
control the right hand motor Forwards and backwards And also the left one [motor noise] So lets take a closer look at the legs So here I have a standalone model of one pair
of legs So they’re connected in the middle to this
central crank shaft which drives all the motion And as you can see the tip of each leg basically
drags along the ground then lifts up and goes to it’s original point
on the ground again Again, this is all based on the walking mechanism
developed by Theo Jansen. The proportions of each segment in the leg
are not exact to what he developed but I think this is about as close as you
can get at this scale using what’s available in the LEGO system. I’ve also created step by step building instructions
for how to build the walking frame If you want to check those out just to have
a closer look at how it’s built or even try to build it yourself you can find those on
my website. As you can see I’ve also themed this as a post apocalytic or retro future trading ship The cargo crane is fully functional It can rotate and slide along it’s base Each segment of the crane as well as the towball,
can be independantly raised and lowered using the controls at the base That way you can load, unload or move cargo
around on the ship On this side I have a cabin, for the captain. The roof can just come off The door opens and closes, as do the windows And there’s some stuff inside, which you’ll
just have to imagine. The ladder also lowers and raises so people
can get on and off the ship So that’s about it. I had a lot of fun building this model and
I hope you enjoyed watching the video. Thanks again and we’ll see you next time. [walking noise]

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