LEGO Elves: Naida’s Epic Adventure Ship 41073 Exploration

Hey everyone! JAYSTEPHER here today with Naida’s Epic Adventure Ship by LEGO Elves. Set number 41073. Contains 312 pieces. Recommended building ages are 7 though 12. So here we have Naida and her epic ship. It is a nice colorful sailboat. The box does have colorful artwork. Here’s the back of the box with the various actions. Let’s open up the box. Well the box doesn’t want to open up. I don’t know if that’s a good sign or a bad sign. The tape was binding in this corner. Here we go! All that sea waters is just flowing out of the box. Anything else in there? No! That’s good. So obviously we have the sail. Really cool idea. Three numbered bags, a set of stickers,s stickers and one instruction manual that has seen better days. Looks like it has been riding the rough seas. So let’s take a quick look at Naida’s Epic Adventure ship after it has been assembled. This is one fun, easy, and colorful build. In a moment we’re going to take a closer look at Naida Riverheart and Aira Windwhistler, the large oyster, and the Adventure Ship. Off to the left, we have Naida Riverheart. Off the right, we have Aira Windwhistler. Both their torsos are printed. Naida is holding a waterstone, and Aira is holding a Windstone. Aira’s also holding some sorta mug. Naida has a map, and that tile is printed. Nice hair pieces, and they are compatible with standard Lego minifigures. Both hairpieces do have a slot on the back for an accessory. Even that detail for their sandals are printed as well. Next we have the large oyster. Off the right we, have some greenery with a gem. It is simple construction. Top of the shell does open up to reveal a key, and the key is supposed to help Emily
Jones to get back to the human world. The top of the oyster does shift a bit. Instead of using a regular Technic tie, they should be used a friction pin to stiffen up the top. Other than that, it is a nice place to store secrets inside the oyster. Finally we have the Adventure Ship. I love the color scheme on this ship with the purple, pinks, gold, medium azure, tan, and dark blue. Adds a nice touch. Very bright and colorful. Here we have the rear with a galley kitchen and sundeck. I’ll show that in a bit. I like the arched windows. The sail does turn with the wheel. The sail is only printed on one side. So let’s take a closer look at the deck. Let’s take a quick look at the front of the sailboat. There is some greenery and a water emblem that is printed on a 2 by 2 round tile. It also has some gems attached to the greenery as well. Here we have golden oyster shells. These are supposed to be for seats. Let’s place Naida on the shell. I wouldn’t recommend this to be a safe way to travel. Unless she’s supposed to sit inside the oyster shell . They do fold back up. Here we have the steering for the sail. That is controlled with a few
simple Technic elements. The sail does rotate a full 360 degrees. The front of the sail does hit this greenery on top of the sundeck. Here we do have the sundeck. There’s supposed to be a sticker on this element as well as various other elements on the ship. I decided not to put those on. Here we have a golden telescope. This does rotate. I like the way that the gem is inserted for the glass. Here we have the hull with a galley kitchen. The sundeck does remove for easy access. Inside we do have a small grill with a frying pan. On the other side, we have a hairbrush and a jar. We have some greenery on the back as well. This does go easily back on top. I like the lanterns, and they are on both sides. Here’s the other oyster seat. Like I said, there’s plenty of stickers on this boat that I choose not to put on, but it still looks fine without all the decals. Here are the spare pieces after building Naida’s Epic Adventure Ship. There’s still good assortment of studs, stud flowers, a cog, and other various elements which may come in handy for other Lego creations. And here we have the various print work for the Adventure Ship. Nice colorful set of artwork. I choose not to put the stickers on the ship as I will be reusing the elements
for other Lego creations. And this concludes the review for Naida’s Epic Adventure Ship by Lego Elves. This is one nice colorful build. It is fully playable, and Aira and Naida are included. There are plenty of accessories. The only con I found with this set is that some of the elements require stickers. It would have add a nice touch if the elements were printed. But other than that, this it will be great for an existing Lego Elves theme or as a source for spare parts. Thank you for watching!

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