Learn How to Shoot Faster – Navy SEAL Teaches the Science Behind Shooting Fast

all right so today I am going to be
talking about how to shoot faster it’s a pretty common question a lot of people
obviously everybody wants to shoot faster but we need to make sure that we
obviously are shooting accurately as we’re learning to shoot faster so I
created this kind of flow chart right here to not only show what happens when
you are training and when you’re shooting but how you can use it to your
advantage to learn to shoot faster okay so the first thing is anytime you do an
action so in firearms training that could be anything it could be drawing
your pistol it could be actually firing the gun pressing back on the trigger
whatever it is every action creates what’s called myelin around that neural
pathway okay so you do an action in your brain it’s trying to help you out you
know because we used to get chased by lions and tigers and bears I don’t know
but your brain is trying to help you out so if you need to do that action again
it’s going to happen faster okay so it creates it puts insulation around that
neural pathway that way the next time that that neural pathway needs to be
activated say you need to shoot the gun again that that impulse is just going to
naturally go faster so right here the myelin creation you can see right there
so here’s our little neural pathway it’s getting myelin around that to insulate
it so the impulse can now move faster along that okay the next thing you need
to know is the more exact you do that or the slower you do that the more myelin
is going to be created so you can see that to do it more exact you need to do
it slower and if you do it slower you can do it more exact okay and as you do
that you’re creating more myelin around that neural pathway and once again
that’s going to allow that impulse to happen faster which leads to what
we’re talking about today speed okay so very quickly you do an action no matter
whether you did it right or did it wrong your brain does not know it just knows
you did something it’s creating myelin okay when you have that pathway that
that impulse is going to naturally go faster along that pathway the more exact
the slower you do it the more myelin is created the more insulated that neural
pathway is the faster you’re going to be able to shoot and it’s just a cycle that
keeps going and keeps going okay so that is really it in a nutshell so you know a
lot of people kind of have this backwards and they try using just an
action straight to speed okay so let me show you what happens if you try to do
this backwards like most you know unfortunately a lot of instructors will
you know hey just push your speed push your speed when you push your speed
you’re going to crash you’re going to make a mistake and once again your mind
does not know that’s not what you wanted it to do so it’s going to create myelin
ization around that neural pathway of that mistake so you’re reinforcing doing
something wrong okay so say we go from action to speed okay so our action is
speed push your speed well here’s what happens if we go this way you can see
you know you’re trying you’re going to create this myelin but it’s actually
going to go right down into our number one problem right here and that’s stress
okay so you are creating stress upon yourself and not doing the action you
want to do it and there’s some other things that create stress also such as
when your gun goes bang when a pro timer or shot clock goes beep or the recoil or
the boom of your guns so there’s a lot of bees
here the last one is your brain you know that self induced stress and by trying
to push your speed without having the neural pathway properly formed you’re
going to bounce right off onto stress and stress it you don’t know what’s
going to happen after that okay so if you want to do it properly you need to
go in this direction okay so now it gets to how do we do it more exact how do we
do it slower okay because if we’re over in here and we’re over in here we’re not
doing it the way we want to do it so there is a way to do it and I
developed the new rules of marksmanship it’s a training philosophy that I teach
by band teaching firearms for over 20 years and I came up with the new rules
of marksmanship rule number five is dry weapons training a lot of people call it
dry fire but to me it’s just so much more than a lot of people think of dry
fires just pressing squeezing the trigger and I think it’s just a lot more
than that so that’s why I tend to call it dry weapons training and by doing dry
weapons training you can do whatever movement you want to do perfectly every
single time and you can do it slowly and you’re doing it without adding any
stress because stress is a killer when you’re trying to learn something you’re
not going to learn it and if you haven’t done enough of this and you haven’t
created enough myelin or a modernization around that neural pathway when stress
is introduced it’s going to be able to get in there so you need to spend some
time and effort training the right way and you don’t need to go to the range to
do that you know I’m here in my garage this is where I train I do almost 90% of
my training right here in this garage that’s why I’m filming it here because
you can do it at home just find a place a quiet place where you can do your
training and you know knock it out at home
that’s without any stress that’s without any of these things happening right here
there’s no bang beep boom and your brain is not stressed out by trying to you
know you know somebody else is watching you you know do it by yourself do it
right and you will start along this perfect pathway you’ll be paving what I
call the path to perfection by using the new rules of marksmanship and in this
case if again if you want to shoot faster this is the way to do it okay and
it’s going to build you a solid foundation of not just speed but
accuracy and confidence every time you need to shoot all right
so now I added a couple bonuses here for you and I’m just going to touch on real
quick I’ll do do another video on each of them another time but the first one
to shoot faster is new rule number one and that is your brain or your mind
training that and when it comes to speed here’s what happens when we go to shoot
say we’re going to do you know shoot 10 rounds as fast as you can shoot it
doesn’t matter if it’s pistol rifle any weapon system if I were on the range and
I told you to do that the first thing you do is you think of what will that
sound like so you know you have this tempo in your head bang bang bang bang
bang bang whatever it is for you you hear that in your head and then when you
shoot that’s what you do that’s exactly how fast you shoot no faster bang bang
bang bang so the way you can use your mind to shoot faster it’s super simple
try it out on the range it’s going to blow your mind
just think faster listen to the sound in your head and just speed it up bang bang
bang bang bang bang ok do that think faster and you will shoot faster that’s
new rule number one okay speed bonus number two is new rule number three and
I you know did a video about this already but the way you use new new rule
number three which is using physics or mechanics is
just like the Three Little Pigs did you know when that wind blew harder and
harder and harder the the ones that stood up or the one that stood up was
the one made out of brick okay so the faster you want to shoot the more
aggressive your shooting position needs to be okay so what does that mean it
means you need to just lean forward more because if you’re shooting on your heels
you’re going to be pushed off balance and as you try to shoot again you’re
going to be throwing your body forward so you’re going to be constantly forward
and backwards forward and backwards and you’re going to start throwing rounds
especially if you’re trying you know you’re trying to shoot faster it’s not
going to work but if you’re more aggressive if you have a better grip on
your gun if you use all the physics that I talked about in the new rules of
marksmanship just use them more you’ll be able to shoot faster you’ve got to
build a more solid foundation to be able to shoot faster alright so again to
shoot faster use the new rules of marksmanship use you know build that
path to perfection the right way and it’s going to take some time to do to
build it the right way but in the end you’re going to be shooting faster and
more accurate than anybody else on the range anybody out there that you’re
going to come up against keep stress out of it long enough to build that perfect
insulated neural pathway and then stress will not be able to get in there okay if
you do it the other way it’s not going to work stressful stress will get right
in there so don’t add your own stress as you’re trying to train make sense right
new rule number one use your mind again just think faster and you’ll shoot
faster use the other things I talked about – such as you know training your
mind with meditation visualization and also just positive thinking okay don’t
go to the range and think oh I I can’t shoot fast you know think at least think
well now I know how to shoot fast this is awesome and it is awesome you can do
it you know and and you’re not going to get this
information really anywhere out there unless you study the the science and
psychology books like I’ve been doing to give you this information and again new
rule number three be like little pig number three okay build that solid
foundation and if you want to shoot faster get more aggressive in your
stance in your grip and everything you do

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