Lakshadweep Trip | Ship Journey from Kochi to Kavaratti(Lakshadweep).

Hi. We were at kochi. For going Lakshadweep we were at here. By the way of ship we were going There are some procedures and formalities before entering into ship. Checking and other things were going on From here we were going in bus for entering into bus. Just waiting for bus. For going to ship now we were at bus Now we were at here. This is the Ship that we are going for Voyage that is MV Corals. For going to Lakshadweep we need the support of Islander. For that we were helped by Najmudheen and Shihab. We were going to Kavaratti in Lakshadweep. Islander Mr. Najmu. We were entering to ship. Through this we were entering to ship. This voyage is around 16 to 17 hours. Now its the time is 10.15 AM. Just entering inside the ship. This is all at inside the ship and its wonderful here. Information counter and thouse people for welcoming into ship. This is lift inside the ship. I had permitted the bunk class. This is the way for bunk. This is the Bunk This is the area for getting sleep. Each one is seperated for each person and it can be covered by curtains. This area is permitted for me. This is the canteen inside the ship. This is table for eating food. It can be adjusted. You may seen in many videos, it can be lifted. The purpose is that it can be fitted with table top. In mansoon season due to waves ship may also get waved and at that time It can be lifted like this and hence the plates and glasses were not get sliped. In this way it had designed. This is wash room This washroom for bunk wash room. Its the time for having food and just waiting for food. Before having food want to take token This is cold storage area and in this the meet and fish were stored. This is the duck area of ship. Hellipad for emegency This is life boats. It attached engines This one is small without engine. It gets bigger in size when it gets into water. This small one is hanged by the life boats having engine at the time of emergence. As you seen in this picture it will. By this crane facility it gets dropped in the water. As you seen in this picture it gets dropped in the water. Now you seen is second class cabin. It having much facility This is for having sleep. Second class cabin have seperate bathroom inside this. and also a cupboard in it. Next First class cabin. Just first class cabin one and two. We can just enter into cabin two. The facilities in first class cabin are these. Here it have the peoples of this cabin. Here it have facility of TV, Cupboard and also bathroom facility. In bathroom as compared to second class liitle more facilities are there for bathing and all. Now you seen is Masjid in the ship. Place for Namaz It is for gents and in other side for women also there. This is the area for ablution. In this area we can namaz. Here it have the facility for namaz. As it is ship the direction of kibla may change when it is in travelling. The direction of kibla is mentioned here as degree in different places. In different places different degree as mentioned in this list. As per that we want to choose the direction for namaz. This is the compass which mentioning the degree As per the degree mentioned in this compass we want to choose the direction of kibla as per that list. The other facility in the ship is the hospital. This is the hospital facility. all this facilities are available here. The other thing is that nurse room here. For male and female seperate hospital rooms are there. The other facility is that police room or security. The next thing is that Way to Embarkation Door. Just we can see what is embarkation procedure We can see arrows for both side as embarkation. Maybe you may know now. Embarkation door is here Embarkation area is now which you see. This is the embarkation area. I had asked about embarkation to the staff of ship and i had understand it. They said that at the time of ship getting close to port in some area it cannot be halted directly close to land or port and cannot be entered through the step directly. In most of islands ship want to be halted away from port due less depth of sea. At that time we want to enter into ship through boats. Ship halted in the deepest area of sea. When we coming through boat we can enter through this embarkation way into ship from the boat and vice versa. At that time this door opens. This door can be opened. Through this door we entered to ship from boat. Now it is closed because it is not needed now. Yes, our ship gets from port and we are going to Kavaratti from 3.10pm onwards. Now the ship is going to backward direction. Now the ship is moving fast towards front direction. With our ship a boat is travelling close to it at the same speed. This boat is coming for that. The ship which we travelling is firstly driven by the captain from the kochi, after covering some distance it handover to the captain of the ship. the corridor couple condo way damn a
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