La experiencia de la Delegación Chilena en The Ship for World Youth Leaders 28

The Ship for World Youth Leaders calls every year more than 200 youth from 11 countries to develope cultural exchange and forge relation while they travel and sail for more than a month. In 2015 Chile was invited This is the story of 12 Chilean in a unique journey. Since we were selected for the Ship for World Youth Leaders we started a process of intense preparation. We are now in Harajuku in a street called Takeshita Dori, which is the centre of fashion and as you can see everything is very kawaii. We travelled to Iwate with the delegation of Tanzania. There we home stayed with a local family, learned about the culture and presented ours. We returned to Tokyo to meet our mates of other delegations and to prepare the trip in the ship. Meeting with the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe We were ready. The cruise Nippon Maru Our new home for a month. In the Ship we attended courses and workshops. The other participants taught us about their countries and we made friends. We visited amazinge places. The President of Sri Lanka Maithripala Sirisena visited the Ship and greeted the national leaders of each delegation. In every place we visited and on the ship we presented Chile and Latin America. We learned to say hello in different languages. We also had to learn to say good bye.

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