Kylo Ren’s New Ship, The Last Jedi Cast at D23, & Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge!

We’ve got the first details on Kylo Ren’s
new ship from The Last Jedi So if you are spoiler-phobic click ahead to
this time stamp…NOW. This week, on The Star Wars Show! Andi talks with the cast and filmmakers of
Star Wars: The Last Jedi! We take a closer look at Star Wars: Galaxy’s
Edge And much, much more. Now from the Lucasfilm Headquarters it’s
The Star Wars Show! Hey I’m Andi Gutierrez, welcome to The Star
Wars Show, the only Star Wars Show on the internet that is nominated for a prime time
Emmy award. I’d celebrate with Anthony but he’s not
here this week, which we’ll explain why later on in the episode, but first! Let’s go to the news! Star Wars: The Last Jedi is only a few months
away and with a new movie, comes a whole new ship for Kylo Ren to take control of. And wouldn’t you know it, we have the first
images of it. Also, SPOILER WARNING. If you don’t want any more about this, this
is your last chance to skip ahead. We good? Good. Kylo’s new ship is called the TIE Silencer,
whose full technical name is the Sienar Jaemus TIE/VN Space Superiority Fighter. The Silencer features laser cannons and a
missile launcher, and looks an awful lot like a darker, sharper edged TIE Interceptor. And speaking of new Star Wars things, there
was a TON of new Star Wars reveals last weekend at the D23 Expo in Anaheim. The cast of The Last Jedi debuted an INCREDIBLE
behind the scenes reel showing off all the new creatures, aliens, and locations from
the new movie. Also debuting new behind the scenes action
was Battlefront II, which showed off a new trailer giving fans a glimpse behind the scenes
of the making of the new single player campaign. But the big talk of the weekend was the newly
unveiled Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the brand new Star Wars themed land coming to Disneyland
and Walt Disney World in 2019. Aside from the unveiling of the model, we
also got a few more details on the 2 Star Wars themed rides coming to the park. One lets you actually pilot the Millennium
Falcon, where apparently all of your moves will have consequences that follow you throughout
the park, as well as ride that puts you inside a Star Destroyer hangar bay plopping you in
the middle of a battle between the First Order and the Resistance. And for those of you visiting Galaxy’s Edge
in Florida in the months after it’s opened, you can have the option to stay in a fully
immersive Star Wars themed hotel filled with the aliens, droids, and creatures you’d
find in a galaxy far far away. Plus! Every window has a view into space. And we’ll have a ton more from D23 later
in the show. As we mentioned earlier THE STAR WARS SHOW
this week, Star Wars Rebels also picked up it’s much deserved first Emmy nomination for Outstanding Children’s Program. Congratulations to all of the nominees and
their hard working crews who made this possible. Looking at you Frank, Kyle and Dana! Finally this week
WOW! Anyone Else? (Ewok Noises)
That’s amazing Kevin. Are you in the game too? (SAD EWOK NOISE)
Is it because you’re not Canon? Aww bummer. Wait, you have a trailer? Can you show it to us?! Roll it. You are watching The Star Wars Show. Guys I am so bummed that I can’t be there
this week with all this insane news coming out of D23 but it is all for a good cause. I’m in LA right now shooting our new show:
Science and Star Wars which is going to come out this Fall. It’s going to be absolutely amazing. We’ve got huge experiments and huge guests
and I’m having such a wonderful time and I will be back next week and in the meantime
Andi, I need you to kick down all the doors and crack all the skulls in the office till
you find out who this perfect boy is for me. Find out for me Andi. I love him. I think he’s heading for that small moon. That’s no moon. You know what, I’ve got cards for you but
whatever Let’s just riff it. We’re friends. I love your dress it’s amazing. Thank you! I love yours! We’re both very Star Wars-is. Yeah you know a little bit of Star Wars fashion. Having fun? I’m, gee having a lot of fun. Star Wars is lahhh! So where can I get a lobster sweater like
that? That lobster sweater I’m going to hold on
to tight, I’m gonna not let that go. Or I’ll Ebay it and we’ll pay for the
effects budget. So how’s Phasma different this time around? What I can tell you, is that Phasma is in
the film. Now has it been easier this time around? What has changed coming into The Last Jedi? I’ve found nothing easier. And I still felt like oh my God I shouldn’t
be here. What’s going on this is so weird. After 40 years of Luke Skywalker be you, do
you know him intimately yet? Well I thought I did, but I like the unexpected. This film is really unique and that’s all
due to Rian Johnson. We see Finn in a Rebel pilot outfit, where’s
he at right now? I think Finn just came across some wardrobe. He’s a bit of a jacket stealer. Yeah he is, Finn is a big jacket stealer. And big spoiler alert, she gets out of that
trash compactor. So Canto Bight. What’s it like showing that different side
of society? It was a really interesting journey kind of
finding the look of that place. I’ve never been on a set that opulent in
my life. They would have all the creatures in like
a dramatic situation with all the puppeteers working them and so they would have the casino
set up and all the creatures working the table and playing bets
That’s gotta be so cool. And I would just walk through it and experience
it as a living environment. With all those creatures in there, did you
get Millie a cameo or anything? I flat out asked, are there dogs in the Star
Wars universe? And the answer was NO. We’ve got everything else, you think they
could fit in a dog. So this time around it seems that Rey is a
lot more of a physical role. It’s funny what people take from seeing
something but also like I watched that was thinking that oh my God they give away so
much. And everyone has been “so physical?” and
I’m like oh yeah I guess it is! So between the Force Awakens to now, would
you say there is more or less running at full speed in this one? There’s way more. I thought there was going to be way less. After 7 I thought I’d be in a floating chair
just saying, “Rey, go get Luke.” But I’d be sleeping off everything really. So more of like a sleeping syndrome thing. Where’s your John Boyega sweatshirt? I know!! It’s not here. I actually have a SPOILER, I have a Rian Johnson
t-shirt that I was going to wear today and I forgot it. Does she have a bit of a score to settle with
Finn? Do you want to ask me something else like
who my suit’s by, or do I like having longer hair because I would start having a better
chance of answering those questions than anything you are wonderfully presenting to me right
now. Hey guys I’m on the floor of the D23 Expo
right now standing in front of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts: Galaxy of Stories. Let’s go check it out. Now Rex here is someone we all know and love
from the history of Star Wars so that’s exciting. And he has a new job. We might head over to the Cantina and we might
find a little droid DJing in the background there. What we love, is the opportunity opt share
with everyone what we have been working on the past 2 years. You are the adventure. You are the rogue explorer going off to the
edge of wild space and crafting your own adventure. It gives us an opportunity to experience Star
Wars in all new ways. The food, the drink, the smells, what it feels
like to walk down that street. That’s what makes Star Wars, Star Wars. You’re walking down a path or alley or street
and droids going by, you might see an Ithorian or a couple X-Wings hidden over there in the
forest. The Resistance has a history for some reason
of hiding out in old ancient ruins. And one thing I’ve noticed walking around
here is that the First Order presence is pretty strong. Whenever you have the First Order and the
Resistance nearby, something is bound to happen. But this time, we’re going to be right in
the middle of it.. If you look deep in to the village, the heart
of our hangar bays, there’s a ship that is very very familiar. The Millennium Falcon. That is really a life long dream to be able
to climb aboard that cockpit, sit down and take the controls of the Falcon and fly across
the galaxy? We’re gonna let you do it. This model itself is massive. How big is the area going to be? We’re 14 acres so it’s the largest land
expansion in the history of our company. It’s Star Wars, it’s gotta be big! Go big or go home. You can’t do things small in Star Wars. Last week we asked you to tell us where you
thought CH33Z was hiding for 4 months. And a lot of you had some pretty clever theories. Dead Eyed Clown said Cheese was roaming the
halls declaring independence and letting us know that he’s Nacho Cheeze now! Odd Person XD added his own Cheeze/Snoke theory. WHICH MAY OR MAY NOT BE TRUE. But the biggest theory was that he was off
filming another cameo ala Chopper in Rogue One…which we can now officially confirm
is NOT TRUE. The real story is, well less dramatic than
that. Watch. Oh I’ll leave this for safe keeping no one
ever comes in here. Ahhh been looking for this. Well that was super anticlimactic. And that’s our show for the week, thanks
for watching, and as always, May the Force be with you! Kyle, gotta keep the area neater. We’ll lose him again.

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