Kenu kaland – Gemenc

Oh, it’s so beatiful It will be published on YouTube guys -Upload it with “Russian” title! -Hehe..with “Russian” [background noise] -Get out the way! I will mix you also… …and your objective. Go! -Ayayay.. With a glass of wine…. -Karcsi? Can I put on a dish? -It’s morning! I will wake Karcsi up with some bullshit and I will record it. So I have been looking for a cock video and I will wake him up with that Two weeks later… You should wake up! -This is belong to the guys… Beni I will give you my bag. your bag -You could slip here… -Oof course…like an animal -We could fu**ing make a half dinner set from this clayey dirt. -Aaa..son of a b**ch Fu**k. -I think we screwed up this video. I wanted to make it so beautiful…. -I will take off these slippers… -Karcsi, this whole video will be a blooper… …with swearing. -Ohh f**k -Wait wait wait! I take of or it will bust. -What? -I take of the slippers ’cause it will bust. -Crappy…! -Bloody hell -Row like an animal! -Everyone is rowing on one side… Fuhu…that is a professional crew

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