Kayaking & Canoeing for Beginners : Tips on Getting in & Out of a Canoe

I want to talk to you about getting in and
out of a canoe. So here I have a double canoe, and typically, if I was paddling this by myself,
I’d try to get into the middle on my knees and that way I’m in the center of the boat,
it’s easier to paddle. But just for you guys, let me show you how you get in and out, like
we had two of us. So first thing you want to have your paddle where it’s handy, but
it’s out of your way to get into the boat. And again, same as the kayak, you’ll grab
both sides of the boat with your hands, you put your balance on your hands, step one foot
at a time into the boat, rest your butt on the seat, bring your other foot in, grab the
paddle, and I’m ready to go. And again, I always, when I’m paddling, want to keep one
hand on the paddle, on the “T” grip. Reason why is if I have somebody riding with me,
this can do a lot of damage to somebody else’s teeth, so if you keep your hand there, it’s
a lot safer. So, for getting out of the boat, same thing. I want to go ahead and put the
paddle on the boat, that way it’s out of my way, I know where it is. I want to place both
hands on the sides of the boat, step one foot at a time, and go ahead and get out of the
boat. See how easy that is?

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