Kayaking & Canoeing for Beginners : How to Do Back Stroke in Basic Kayaking

We’re now talking about a backstroke for your
kayak. Now, the backwards stroke, to make your kayak go backwards, is the same as the
front stroke. You always want to hold the paddle exactly the same way, which means that
I’m just going to use the backside of the blade rather than the power face. So, when
I do a backstroke, I’m not going to let go of that right grip, I always keep the right
grip exactly the same, left hand again is pivoting. What I want to do, basically, put
the paddle behind me, brings the paddle forward keeping it alongside me and keeping the paddle
blade vertical, and just do the exact opposite of the forward stroke. So bring it along,
and it will push the boat backwards. Same thing let me sit down and show you. So again
I’m in the kayak. What I want to do, put the blade behind me like this, bring it back to
my feet, and I’m done with the stroke. This will propel the boat backwards. The biggest
thing is don’t shift the paddle in your hands like that. You always want to keep the exact
same grip on the blade, and I’m about to go demonstrate it on the water for you. I’m going
to start behind me holding the paddle the same way, and just slowly backstroke. It’s
a lot harder to go straight like this. Let me turn around and I’ll come back to you.

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