Kayaking & Canoeing for Beginners : Guide to Using Canoe Paddles

Hi, this is Phil Meyer, on behalf of Expert
Village. Next we’re going to talk about canoe paddles. As you can see, I’ve got a couple
different kinds. These are all basically for recreational canoeing. These are the lower
ends of the scale when it comes to canoe paddles. You can spend anything from $10 to $400 on
a paddle, but these are the lower scale, these are your basic canoe paddles. So first thing
you’ll notice, you’ve got different lengths. The thing with the canoe paddle, again, you
need to go to your local store, tell them what type of canoe you’re going to be paddling,
they’ll look at your body length and tell you what length of paddle you need. Different
people use different paddles. For me, in my boat, I’m paddling about a 51, 52, but for
everybody else, that will be different. So first thing, difference with a canoe paddle
and a kayak paddle. Again, you’ve got a shaft; you’ve only got one blade on a canoe paddle.
You’ve also got a “T” grip handle at the top. So when you grab the paddle, you want to grab
it right hand, if you’re right handed, on the grip. You always want to keep that hand
on the grip, left hand down on the shaft. So when I go to take a stroke, I want to grab
it so that I can extend the blade into the water in front of me, and drag it back to
me. So again, differences that you can see on these paddles, these have metal shafts
on these too, plastic blades, the middle one is wood. It’s all a personal preference on
what you like. They also make these paddles in carbon fiber and fiberglass, different
weights, you want to stick to the lightest paddle you can. Some people have what they
call a bent shaft, where the shaft is straight to here, comes down, and the blade is actually
bent at an angle like this. But again, check with your local store. Tell them what type
of canoeing you’re going to be doing. They’ll help you pick the size and the paddle that’s
right for you. Hi, this is Phil Meyer, on behalf of Expert Village. Just like to talk
to you about the different types of canoes and some of the parts of a canoe. Right here
we have our standard, tandem canoe, made for two people, you can tell that by the two different
seats in the boat. You can look; the front seat’s slightly higher than the back seat.
In the middle of the boat we have the yoke, that’s so when you pick up the boat like we
showed you earlier using your legs, one person could actually carry the boat across his shoulders.
Now if you look, there are a lot of different materials for these boats. You have aluminum,
a plastic called Royal X, some of the old fiberglass boats, but basically they’re all
the same, it’s just a matter of how light your boat’s going to be.

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