Karavanla Avşa Adası – Kano ve Hamak :)

Avşa Island with setup canoe and hammock -What do you think, is it good here?
-I think good I agree with you I wish it can be smell true I like that Maybe we might be sent this pic’s to mom -you are very comfortable there:) absolutely yes:) much now I am very relax You can come close We are in most view of Island We are on one of the hills In (blue cove) Mavikoy We visited a few coves yesterday We decided Blue cove (mavi Koy) is the best 🙂 This road goes Mavikoy to Yiğitler Can you see clouds, awesome 🙂 Sea smells very good We are driving to Karadut now What a view! It is amazing!!!!! woaw very good place so good! gorgeous We preferred stopping when We saw this sight Likewise, we have a rest short of time, and we enjoyed this sight Tavşanlı cove We have swum and tried canoe We tried and saw, Canoe drive is a little bit more hard in the windy or wavy sea For more stability in the sea, we need engine Our canoe is ready to use by air, it is swell It is practical We can swell it in ten minutes It is a little bit hard while packing It is difficult to put on to its special bag On the other hand, it is easy to swelling and setup It is very suitable for more calm waters river or lake waters etc. By the way, we enjoyed canoe while in the sea, we passed funny times It will come to every sea or water trips with us Because it is very really enjoyable Sometimes we faced a lot of times go boating is not enough to stability in the sea When sea stream is strong, shovels is not enough We are thinking canoe passed the exam But we could not good 🙂 it’s normal for the first try 🙂 Absolutely Good luck with Thanks 🙂 yes, we are now pumping:) 🙂 I am a little bit tired to pump It is easy, isn’t it? By the way, i can swell it too we tried at home before, I was doing it first of all, you should pump part of inside After then you should pump right and left sides and the last you should pump seats one side is okay I think This side is softer next one, pump the seats canoe without shovel Now I am pulling -Is it deep?
– I am swimming while there were mosses Good job do you want to go there, continue yourself I am trusting you We are going gorgeous 🙂 You driving good stingray? where -look look!
-I see them I saw They were so big! Now we are at awesome sight And We might be doing one thing for much more and… before the buy caravan We’ve been bought hammock We thought maybe we might setup it on trips Unfortunately, before today we could not use it But It was in our mind every trip Now it is time to it Hammock setup:)

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