Kanotralle og abborfiske

What we will try today is to talk about my tiny knowledge about fishing and what I use. We are in the Rock Fjord and as a rule I crave perch but if I get a multi-kilo pike it is ok, but I will rather have a two kilo perch. We can go through what I use I have a reel from Okuma Let’s see… Blue 25 and then line is a multifilament I like that because it is not so much give in the line I can feel the fish biting and it is durable Rod, 6 to 22 gram The rod is an Arctic Trout 9 foot from Lawson Then we have covered that. I will first try a spinner not that heavy I also use an is a swiwel so I don’t have to untie and tie it on and off lures and stuff with that one. We will try the spinner. If I use spinner or a spoon if I stop just a little second with reeling in it is then I get a bite, that is when the fish is hooked. Just like now I got some grass…. Now I will test this one it is copper and red Perch likes copper so… but it is a bit red too, so I don’t know if it is fine and dandy, so we try another one. This I have gotten fish with… It is also a spinner. I don’t know what it is called but it has a whiteish color One trick to get perch is to try one color, and then another color it will bite in the end. Mix it up with colors. It tend to get tired of one color and not bite at all. Try little bit of everything, so now we will try this one. We will try something else. This was a spinner It spins around and around. Take this off… see if we got something else… I will try one of those… A spoon This is a 12 grams from Sølvkroken I believe I got most of my stuff from Sølvkroken This doesn’t spin, it wiggles through water It is dented it has bumps in it that is supposed to be awesome supposed to make noice in the water well, we will see This sinks a bit faster than the other which is nice since we are far out then we need to get deep, the sun is high and I believe the fish goes deep so we test this one. I have also gotten a canoe trolley or a kayak trolley I think it is nice I have always wanted a trolley because I think it is too heavy to carry the canoe and I saw a trolley on sale at XXL.no and it was NOK 600 and I found that reasonable So I wrote to XXL.no and wondered what the maximum load was because their webpage didn’t say I got a reply that they would check and get back to me. That was a month ago, didn’t hear a thing. So I went to Jula.no and bought one for NOK 500… Customer service is the most important thing You have to be great at it all the time. Wow! Fish jumping! Hege! Fun! Love it when the fish jumps out of the water. It is small blue dragonflies that flies around here I wonder if the fish want the dragonflies Back to fishing… I am very happy with the trolley from Jula.no I would love a way to attach the trolley Not that pleased with the service I got from XXL.no but it may change later… This is a wobbler I have never caught anything on it but I would love to get a superhuge pike on it It is only Kjetil who get the fish so I copy him to get the same fish No, this is enough fishing for me to much noice from speedboats intimate conversations from way over the water speeding jetskiis and no then no fishies either but but we will see eachother some other time anyways!

2 thoughts on “Kanotralle og abborfiske

  1. Har ikke god erfaring med XXL jeg heller. Det værste er at man kaller kundene sine for gjester, ja slik som hotellene gjør, mange har ikke så mye peil på produktene de og selger, tross de sier man er på kurs

  2. Fin film som vanlig! Fisketips: Det er vanskelig å få fisk i store vann. Søk til viker og grunner som lettere lar seg avfiske 😉 Eller enda bedre. Dra til et litt mindre vann.

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