Kanoeventyr i isen – Canoe-adventure in “Artic” (Vargavatn)

Tove has a broken rib, and it hurts to put on the life jacket and 6 stiches in the forhead This is amazing ! What do we do if we get stuck Then I push the SOS button Just do not capsize, then I am OK We have to stay here until it melts The park ranger told us just to paddle between the ice floes We paddled through this passage We are in “arctic” now ! This is so exiting that I forget my broken rib To your information – we have forgotten enough batteries to our GPS We have to save the batteries for emergency situations We have arriwed the place where the river meets the lake but we do not know anything about how the ice reacts or when it falls down into the river It is not possible to get the canoe up on the ice at this place Stay calm !! We turn around How do you feel ? I feel like the king of the mountains ! Lets go on shore here somewhere It is such a beautiful place – let us camp here Tove do not want to have the dog out on the edge of the ice What are you doing? I have hooked a glacier 🙂 It is not like getting a fish Our plan were to paddle upstreams, but that is impossible We are going a daytrip in this direction today. But we have to paddle to the other side first. Today it is 14th August – and this is the view from our camp. The direction of the wind is the reason why all the ice-floes are in our bay. You could hear that it is sharp dangerous ice. Kaja makes pancakes. Heading for home – the water is really cold – it is forbidden to overturn this time! Awesome beautiful!

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