Kano, fiskestang og Jørgen #2

“Old” women in the wild. Fishing rods and woodcraft. Today I will take you to an island in Henneseid in Drangedal. A beautiful little paradise me and my dogs have all by ourselves. Here we plan to stay for two days, and sleep under the stars, and do some fishing. While I am waiting for sunset and some fish, I want to show you some of the island. Here is the most narrow part of the island, and you can see the mainland right over there. This is the way to the northern part of the island. Now I have tossed with lures for a while – I have seen two trouts following the lure! The trouts follow the lures, but they do not bite. Now I will try worm bait on two fishing rods. At the same time I will toss with my lure. Here I have one of my fishing rods with bait, and here I have an other one. No fish yet – not even a nibble. But I have only been here for a couple of hours, so I have to continue! At sunset I get catch a little one! 250 gram maybe, better than nothing. I will keep on!! I have cleaned it, and now I will salt it, and then I wrap it up in newspaper. This is breakfast for tomorrow. Here I am going to sleep tonight. Just in case I have put up a tarp. Evening is coming, and I have got ONE trout. It is almost no fish jumps at this time, the hatching of the insects is not good enough yet. It does not matter about the lack of fish when it is so beautiful and the birds are singing. Here I am under my tarp – planning to say goodnight. The birds are singing me a goodnight lullaby. Morning fresh and happy as always 😉 Even if I do not catch more fish this is a place to recommand. Here it is fish, but it is stuck! Stay away! Look at that, it was a fat and nice one! It has swallowed the hook. Now we talking breakfast! Now i am excited about this fishing rod that has a special float. I found a beer can that I used as a float. My special float worked good! It is so little, I give it to my dog. Now we have two fishes in the frying pan for breakfast. This one is the biggest. I do not need to fillet these, just make some cuts on the side of the fish. One interesting thing, you maybe can see… This one has really small spots, densely with small spots… and the other one has really large spots. Maybe the last trout comes from a fishfarm, I do not know. Now I have a “breakfast rest” – thinking about how to use my day I am planning to do some woodcarving, It is too windy to paddle with two huskies. I wish I could go trolling, but it is not possible. I am carving this guy here. His name is Jørgen. He grew up in Gudbrandsdalen. His dad was a farmer, and a woodcarver. He wanted Jørgen to follow in his footprints, and take over the farm. But no! Jørgen went to college, and then moved to Oslo to study theology. He is a bright guy. He took a really good exam in theology. He wanted to see the world, so he got a job as seaman’s priest in New Orleans. This was in the 1970s. He is getting old now. Now he is back in his home country, and works as a outdoor priest. He is the only one, and he felt it was a need for him outdoors, meeting with all this strange outdoor people. He is travelling all over the southern part of Norway. The northern part he has not visited yet. He is soon 70 years old, but he has no plan to retire. He has no time for that. In New Orleans he found his wife. A beautiful, great lady from Jamaica. They had a great marriage for many years, but they never got any kids. And then she died, only 63 years old. Then he moved back to Norway. He is a happy old man enjoying outdoor life. As long as he can be an outdoor preacher he feels good. So this will be Jørgen! I think Kiro is happy as long as he can stay around me. Take a look, he has pleny of woodchips all over his body. This is my fishing boy – indeed! He is waiting and waiting when I am fishing. and above us in the air, it is a swarm of black flies! It is a pity but the fish will not bite until the time comes when the black flies bites me. I do not like being bitten. Now there is no wind, the air is clear, and the sun sets. Now we have had two nice nights under the tarp. Now we are heading for home. The wind is coming from north, and from my knowledge it is not good fishing conditions. Now I will pack my gear. I have got three trouts – not so bad! See you in the fall – maybe 🙂 Good dogs! Now the trip is over. Thank you for coming with me to this place in Telemark. Welcome back!

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