Kāʻanapali Beach Hotel | Ocean Activities | Waʻa (Canoe) Paddling Tour

I think the canoe represents part of our
culture that most visitors don’t get to see I mean getting into a canoe and
participating in everything from rigging to launching to paddling it to getting out in the open ocean and seeing the honus and naiʻas, and you know the turtles and the dolphins and the whales, to get them to feel the pain that our ancestors
felt paddling back and forth in these islands, I think they develop a better
appreciation about what it took to survive in this archipelago before there
were boats, before there were airplanes taking us back and forth. I grew up doing
this, my dad grew up doing this. All my guys that work for me they all grew up
in the ocean. My life kind of revolves around canoes, whether it be voyaging canoes or paddling canoes. (I) involve with polynesian voyaging society and also Hui O Waʻa Kaulua. So I’m super excited to have this medium for us now to take guests on canoes – something I love to do. Waʻ or canoes in our culture, or
Hawaiian culture, it’s huge, it’s how we got here. Aside from being just a means of travel, there’s also a means of sustainability for the Hawaiian
people. We’re living our culture by doing this so everything we do is based on
what our kupuna taught us. From the values, the behaviors, and the tiny little
actions, and etiquette when it comes to a canoe. When you’re out there it’s only
you and the guess, that’s the thing I like about waʻa. It’s a whole different
world. When it’s not whale season, we’ll just go up and down the coast, we’ll go
outside and we’ll take a look back at the island and we point out all the
different mountains and valleys and we talk about Murray stewardship, land
tenure back in the old days. And during whale season, we’ll get up to viewing
distance good safe viewing distances and we can interpret their behaviors for the
guests and you know just to see the faces light up for the kids, and the adults too you know. When the dolphins come by or the whales come by,
just see that expression on their face, that’s worth everything for us.

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  1. Dixie and I always enjoyed our visits to Kaanapali Beach Hotel, and this looks like a great addition. I would like to be there right now.

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