Jugging for cats

On todays show we are heading out to Olagoho Lake with Perry Faulkner and Kenneth Hitemen deal jed fission and test out well when we get to Olgaoh lake it’s storming so we’ve got to wait for a few hours but
storm to pass by first of we gotta find bait, Kenneth knows this
lake well so so it shouldn’t be hard for him find shad [music] now now then this is how you make them really big 3 pound crappie [laughter] [music] hey one is it a shad that’s good where you find one there’s more [music] yeah I wasn’t laughting well today I’m throwing this cast net upon this flat catching shad because we are going to do a little juggle line fishing with some home made juglines trying put some fish in
the freezer blues and channels cause mama said bring back some fish and you gotta keep mama happy up well this is a 16 foot when open maybe 14 cast net and any lake you can do this you just user depthfinder your fishfinder you find a
good flat usually between 3 foot and 8 foot of water basiclly just idle along and look for shad flipping cast in the general vicinity sometimes you
catch all you need one in one cast sometimes you make a hundred cast
for 10 but we had rain today in Sun came out there just now starting to
surface again tell us where their at I my to made a good cast we hit the school one more like that we’ll be ready to fish actually you we actually probably
have enough fish now cause we are only putting out 15 maybe 16 Juggs nah maybe one more cast catch enough we can have have sushi after while haha got another one saw one I see the net flipping you got a
bunch got 3 half a dozen you ready to fish, maybe one more cast I love throwing a case net I love seeing
what’s down there this over here we found them we better stay on them it’s easier to get them now when we got him rather
than rather then trying to find then again after while yup cause we are ready now we got them we got them let me make one more cast while we are right here on them I hate to say that but ok I’d like to be able to
double up on some some hooks to put a couple out ya get a cast net with you never have to worry about
running out a big leap alright we just ran across a channel a creek channel that goes from 8 foot to 18 foot we are going to pull up on this flat the winds coming out of the south we are going to set our drift for the longest run that;s the best presentation for the longest time that the fish are in the water for bait see if we can catch some channel cats waybe some blues mark the creek channel and this old road bed that’s the contour change or
structure change and fish stage up and really hold to it not we are back in 12 foot of water shows it’s 8 but the water is coming up a bit up about right got these jugs and you’ve got to have
your name and phone number on a the label but if you’ll notice on these in your see as I’m putting out
different jugs I’ve got different lenghts on the strings because fish are
just at one level they are all throughout the water column
so with the jug like this one it’s all a 3-foot-long but like this if you looked at the length this it’s four foot long are and I keep going deeper and deeper
and deeper hunting for the fish at water level if
we hit certain certainly depths that are
really producing more than the others then we will just shorten up the long one and that one was really short ya that one was really short for the surface bite always carry a stick with you in case you do something like thatbecause those hooks like to grab
everything especially these noodles what brand of noodles are you using these are fun noodle [laughter] I tell you what you don’t have to spend a
whole lotta money on I paid dollar us the noodle for these at Dollar General and a they can goin’ send a check in the mail
to me with a plug gonna really simple to build you go to your hardware store plumbing supply that’s just PVC pipe three-quarter inch half inch you know end cap I drill it run a sting through it I tie a knot the other thing I actually did
which you don’t have to do is just what I did to keep this from slipping is I put a foam sealer on the top so when it dries it holds that string so it doesn’t slide
up or down when you throw it that’s a good size shad right there it actually a strong suggestion when you’re doing
these is go through if your are useing fresh
dead go through the spine because that’s the
toughest part of the fish or the head a fleshy part the that’ll allow the bank stay on a lot
better as the plan right here so worldwide were
pretty shallow water right now were set my drift I want to get quicker they are going out fast if you’ve never jug fished you’re missing out on some good easy I relaxing times you don’t have to sit there by your rod the whole time monitoring it you just put them out when a fish hits it you can tell because when they hit that noodle will stand straight up and will go down
if it’s a good fish it’ll come up go down actually go
underwater then you’ll see if it’s trailing off as the fish is swimming with it but they cannot keep it under for long because hats is a verybouent piece for equipment and we’re gonna put this one on the
right side of the boat the for the right-handed fish a put another on cause there might be quite few right handed fish other out there well when we come back it’s gonna be
time to run the jet lines and while we’re waiting on the jet lines
we’re going to give the Falcon sling bow right there right there I’m on him short ooh we’re on the bottom too there are two of them there are they carp or gar carp he’s swimming right at us it’s eithir a fish or a rock you know bass fishermen have a saying hook sets you free fish you get him yep I was going to say I thought you hit him sling bow first fish with a sling bow headshot love
it no it doesn’t take a whole lot that is awesome I mean compact doesn’t get in the way of everything it’s
quick real quick boy it’s tight yeah they are usually tight well we’ve got some big bait now the arrow comes with a built-in
holder right there this clips in that’s all the
space it takes pullback toward for you know your you’re looking at that that’s
nothing was my second time to shoot that bow second
shot boom it went all the way through by the head
which is a harder area the hardest part I’m looking for that tail I know he is that ah yeah got that one full penetration sorry about your quick release yeah carp are soft they tear out quick well it’s time to go check the jugs you gonna be seeing more of the slingbow
in the future okay got what looks like a tipping up up here typically it will lay flat and when the fish hits it it will pop up as you get closer yup that’s def
that’s got to be a fish it up yes that’s definitely a popping up yee haa see what we got oh boy mama’s got dinner nice blue hear him barking at ya alright put him in a live well got another one over here pretty sure that was on a shortest one that fish came
to the top to get so don’t think the catfish are
always on the bottom because they’re not fish is swimming away from us yep I’m just going to cruise up to him yeah it’s a fish it straight up and down you ready yep oh yeah another good eating fish short rig if you’ve never jugged before you absolutely missing out bought about the low-maintenance fishing
trip as you can get an that is the perfect
size fish it’s a good area I’ll take those all day long you’ll notice
that that ug will trail of side everything else is
here and there but it’ll trail not into the wind I love running jugs gall I love it I miss this if there is a fish on it it’s going to try to get away from us if it doesn’t tip or turn there is nothing on it we’ll checked bait here and then we’ll
come back through and pick them all up make sure they still have bait because you will lose bait jugging sometimes sand bass turtles everything else this one was way back this one was a hundred
yards off of where th rest of them are it’s not moving now but I’m 99.9 percent sure that it had a
fish on it lift the trim up whatever it was got it up on this flat
hoping it didn’t get off fish on yeah another nice one I’ll take these all day long up I’m going to have to get my pliers after this one boy he wanted that shad this fish here is what I was after more than anything it’s a blue cat it’s primarly a live bait eating fish ya know I mean they will eat other things thay are an oppertunist but a like a channel cat will eat about anything a blue preferrs live bait and a channel will a lot of time be a more of a yellow color have dots spots all down and
blues just for that nice white belly I mean this is a healthy healthy fish with a gray blue real pronaunced and a real long lateral fin but there there’s nothing but pure meat and one of the favorite cut is never had it never had belly meat that my favorite cut and thats right here and
on that fish he’ll have a steak about yea big and that big around and it is phammible and it’s great to blacken it to alright rebait and put this one back out with the pack and go catch some more [music] well we just put out another run we lost
a lot of fish last time on a sec run waiting catch any but we
lost a lot of bait and had slime on the string so this time
we’re going to watch so now staring game begins that was all up three minutes and then you’re
standing straight up he’s already took it under yee ha hold on [music] ye he’s still there going to try to big motor to him there he goes see him ya oh yeah this is a decent fish all no no no nope easy easy easy oh yeah that is a good fish coming in the boat ah yeah that’s what we’ve came for that’s what’s been
ripping off on on because we haven’t staying with them nice blue coming in where that net huh that an’t going to happen Lake oolagah Oklahoma but she can do
this on any lake running jugs you’ve never done it you
gotta try look at those steaks well I we came out
this morning it was stormy we had to wait for it to quit storming then when the storm passed by we put out lines while we were waiting on the lines we did a little bow fishing we’ve had a really good day we caught a
lot of fish and now the storm supposed to be moving
in a little bit here later so gonna get up the water before they
come on on it but all of you need to try getcha some
jug lines and get out here and have some fun and get some good food alright I think
that will work I’m gonna take a look at it when you pull
the boat out aw man Kenneth what the heck

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