Josh Healey – Niamh’s Song (Lifeboats & Relationships EP)

26 thoughts on “Josh Healey – Niamh’s Song (Lifeboats & Relationships EP)

  1. i cannot wait for you to be able to get the EP. Thank you so much for listening page, feel free to share/spread the love

  2. This is so AMAZING. I'm so happy to hear you again, you're so talented, this video deserves so much more views and likes ! so glad to find you here xx

  3. i'm so glad you found it again! i a glad you like it too!! maybe one day it shall! lovely too hear from you again Ninaa x

  4. wow thank you so much Natascha. It's lovely too see the song made a connection with you. you can keep up to date by liking my FB page x

  5. of course you can, would be honoured to tell you! I play this with a Capo on the Second Fret, The chords In relation to the Capo are F, G, C. The F is a variation I made up though, so you can play around with finger shapes to see what you like the most:)

  6. Got your EP – It's great – Keep them coming – love this song the best – 1000 youtube plays that's great

  7. thank you so so much, that really does mean a lot. This is a special song for me too, for many reasons. I'm writing the album at the moment and doing some collaborations, can't wait for you to hear them

  8. dawn, i'd like you to know the EP peaked at 28 and charted at 31 in the uk singersongwriter chart πŸ™‚ pics over on the official fb page!

  9. i would love to sing this to my mate niamh, would by any chance be able to get the chords off you?:') please, it's a beautiful song by the way<3 would you happen to know the ukulele chords also?:') please

  10. If It wasnt for my beautiful daughter Niamh i would never have heard this! Brilliant song, a brilliant meaning!

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