Joel and Jack meet the Kinectimals | Rooster Teeth

Hey everyone! It’s Joel and Jack and we’re doing Kinect-animals.! (Ok, at this point I’ve pretty much given up on what, whatever – now with bears?) So first you pick your Kinectanimal (oh that’s adorable) and they’re very cute. And then you can teach them tricks Like they’ll spin around (spin around), or you can spin around. (What the hell is that thing floating in the corner?!) They can jump up in the air or you can throw a ball and they bring the ball back to you. And the Kinectanimals are very (aww) OH GOD OH GOD! CINNAMON NO! CINNAMON NO! BACK! OH GOD! THE THE KINECTANIMALS THEY’VE TURNED ON US! GOD, JACK RUN! RUN! Oh God, oh God, oh God! Okay, okay, okay I think, oh god, oh god. I think we’re safe. Okay, okay. What was that?! (oh god) Oh, oh WHAT WAS THAT?! OH OH OH (something horrible’s coming…) Oh! Oh, it’s just Tigger! Hi Tigger! Tigger w- Tigger? (Oh he’s look-) OH GOD! TIGGER NO! No! The Kinectan- they’re attacking us again! Oh God! Ahh Tigger no! Tigger no!! Ow god, he’s got my hand (he’s got your hand!) he’s got my hand! (you shot him!) Oh god! Oh god Jack. (you shot him in the mouth!) [unintelligible] (Oh there’s two of them now!) Jack, the Kinectanimals are gonna kill us! (No, they’re running away!) What? Oh! It’s a butterfly! (oh god!) Well a butterfly never hurt anyone before! Butterfly OH GOD! OH GOD! THE BUTTERFLY Now he doesn’t- God get it off! Ow, get the butterfly off! Oh god! Agh, screw this game! There’s a stampede! (oh stampede!) Oh god, screw this! I would like the Kinectanimals Ow god, oh god, oh god Oh okay, oh god oh oh oh god there’s (wolves!) Kinectanimals! They’re closing in! Cinnamon! Oh god! Awgh goooooood! Oh, oh god. Oh dog he’s gonna get him! Oh god! Ow awgh ah my throat! Ow get- oww! Screw you Kinectanimal! Ah, stab! Okay! Really good thing! Gotta get a door Jack get inside! Close the door! Jack Jack close the door! Close the door! (Okay, okay there you go) Jack, okay. (Yeah?) Jack, Jack, I think… you can turn on a light. ((See? Nothing to worry)) ((AHGH! RUN! AHHHH!)) [SCARY GROWLING] [Pinky the cat inflicting pain]

100 thoughts on “Joel and Jack meet the Kinectimals | Rooster Teeth

  1. This is what got me into Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter. This was my VERY FIRST thing I watched of theirs in 2013.

  2. This was the first rooster teeth video I ever watched when I was 12 I'm now 18 and it was the best decision I ever made

  3. I like how Joel was seeing all the animals and screaming and in the midst of screaming you can hear "CINNAMON!" When he sees the bear.

  4. i love that this is so clearly Joel's video… Jack tries so hard to play along a couple times but just dissolves into giggles and i love it XD

  5. I like to think that Joel just disappears into his office for a day or 2 then invites one of his friends to watch the madness he created

  6. You are so funny
    P.S I have Kinectimals, Cabela's Big game hunter 2010' and Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011 on Xbob 360 Lucky Me

  7. This brings back my childhood. 12 year old self waking up and watching RT all day. Welp, off to college. This was fun.

  8. RoosterTeeth content was always great, but I won't lie, Joel is the reason I subscribed and stayed subscribed for so long. He was sorely underutilized in their videos, though.

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