Jimmy Hammon fishing Saguaro lake #143

just drop a line and reel’em in it’s the good ol boys gone fishing again just drop a line and reel’em in it’s the good ol boys gone fishing again yeah it’s that time again to drop a line so sit back and relax and let’s go
fishing again come along as we join John Shaw and today’s special guests
reel em in on fishing with the good ol boys good fishing just drop a line and reel’em in it’s the good ol boys gone fishing again just drop a line and reel’em in it’s the good ol boys gone fishing again it’s the good ol boys gone fishing again [Music stringer] [Splash] hi folks I’m John Shaw if you’ve ever
fished in any kind of tournament in Arizona you know who our guest is today
it’s Jimmy Hammond from Mesa and we’re out here at Saquaro Lake
just little northeast of Phoenix and we’re going to try to get some of these
bass and catfish and who knows what else you stay put we’ll be right back
Saquaro Lake [music stringer] I have a little ring worm on here I am throwing What are you throwing Jim I got…hum…oh! I’ve got a man…You got a fish there that’s what you’ve got [laughter] You know he hardly took that you know I don’t think
that’s a bass he is fighting funny that’s pretty good though aw it is a catfish..Cat [Laughter] Mister whiskers oh right alright you can mess with hin come on John take him off for me. no..no.. [laughter] I do not mess with that that was fun anyway good job Jim way to go he did not know he was a bass let me get these pliers here
you got a bud he is a nice one you don’t like to mess it up boys either
I don’t mess it catfish well I mean I just want to throw this guy
back so we’re gonna go just like that and see if I can jiggly him off there we go good job Jim. That was fun let go catch a green one now this time Jim Hammond at Saquaro catfish all
right Those Catfish eat the same things the bass eat mm-hmm
get right back down there and catch us a bass out of the same spot all right what
were you throwing there again that’s a little black worm. just a Mann’s little worm
uh-huh six inch with curly tail Texas rig all
right let’s get on them again see we could do here at least it’s warmed up a bit we started early this morning and below I tell you
it was chilly I’m not ready to take my Coat off What do you got there cat lift him
up with seen how big is he he’s about 3 pounds alright I tell you this looks like a perfect spot
I mean there ought to be there ought to be fish holding right there it’s a good
ambush spot I think most of the places look real good that took us on this
morning We just got get a couple of these fish to cooperate that looks good over there by that bush It is amazing how far down this lake is you can see the white
line how far down it is I had no idea these trees were under the water
yeah [laughter] everybody said there’s no trees in Saquaro except when they lower this down you see
plenty of them this is dynamite Oh! you got him! all right Jim
all right buddy yeah it feels good it feels real good [laughter] he is fum! woah whoo alright Jimmy [laughter] aw these Saquaro lake bass are fighters okay go ahead and put it down
in there John let’s see how big he is oh yeah he is a nice one I thought he was bigger than that [laughter] that’s a true fisherman. that’s a nice fish
all right Jim way to go buddy. he ate that lizard he sure did whoa!! that is a nice fish I tell you I do not want to ruin this area here I’m gonna put him in
the live well and we’ll release him in a little bit okay all right so I don’t
ruin this area there might be a few more I don’t want going down there telling
his friends hey don’t go up there Jimmy Hammonds up there catching
you [laughter] way to go Saquaro Lake lovin it let me shake
your hand partner that was fun I was half asleep when he hit that [laughter] woke me up [laughter] all right let’s try some more Ok! whoa! there’s a little the river channels
right and there’s a little creek channel little cut right here makes a little
points couples bushes on that rivalry was at the perfect contact spot place
where they sit in ambush waiting for a lizard so let’s go see if there’s any
more down there waiting for a Lizard I am going to put a little lizard on myself I
just broke off just before you did that I am going to get a lizard on here we went back in that
little area there okay we’re talking bass here alright Jim that was a nice
fish couple pound fish they say about two pounds come on you’re a better
fisherman than that he was 3! [laughter] I just like the old lies alright he is 3 pounds folks aw maybe he is 2 and a half [laughter] I will compromise with ya! do I hear two and three quarters at all [laughter] I think there’s probably an eight pounder down there the wanted it and that one
got to it first so let’s if we can get him now [laughter] I love it! [laughter] I got to put my hook on here and get into
this wizard bite come on fish so that is the area where they’re building all that
structure well I guess there’s the people over there that I’m working on it I guess they’re sort of like a little barge do they carry all this stuff up
with they put in a lot of work these guys it looks like a lot of hard work
really just to make a little bit of fish habitat but it’s going to be pretty
helpful you know it’s great you can’t just be a taker you also got to give
back to the sport too. Don’t you love coming up here to Saquaro lake it’s got
that beautiful scenery beautiful day fish bite occasionally every once and a while you think you got a big fish that’s what neat about this lake. yeah that’s the whole deal it’s so close to home there from East Mesa where I live I
can get here in about 30-35 minutes and sometimes catch a few fish I’m going to
catch a lot sometimes not going to catch any but I don’t know about that last one. Jimmy Hammond you always catch fish buddy I let me tell you my philosophy
here Johnny if you got to catch a lot of fish every time you come fishing then
you’re going to be disappointed on a lot of trips because you know and I know
that you don’t always catch a lot of fish and so I come up here for the the
weather I love being on the lake I love being in the boat I love the scenery
see a deer, see the Ducks that’s why I come I catch a fish that’s a bonus
that’s a good way to look at it but believe me I’d like to a catch fish [Laughter] I knew that was coming if you came several time without a fish you probably wouldn’t be…would want to come any more [laughter] it’s not fishing then it is a outing then but you don’t have to catch a bunch of fish every time
to have a good time that’s a good lake it’s a lake to to come through with the
thought of sampling some of the variety because there’s so many different
species here but you got a super chance of catching big fish there’s there’s
every year 10-12 pound bass come out of this lake whoa that is nice fish. I have been hearing reports about the lake here we we got
one my partner Dylan Branch and I were here
last fall and he caught one there was eight and a half nice fish. real nice he got
him on six pound test whoo we were spooning for the little
white bass he caught that big one it was really fun no..no..had you going there bud [laughter] I am just surprised that guy as old as you are can move that fast [laughter] oooh Jimmy [laughter] aw…. ok [laughter] you got me on that one come on fish hey when in doubt you don’t know what
the bite or not went in doubt they’re holding a pull the trigger jerk
when in doubt jerk you know if you’re wrong so what but it was a fish and you
didn’t join us boy you got problems now they seemed real aggressive this time
you didn’t get ready for the wintertime ha ha nice fish Jim! Oh he is savage he is savage that by there he is oh look at that that’s better I thought
it was my when I saw it jump the first time you want a net? better get a net he don’t… keep him on
there I got him I don’t want him to get off nice fish Jim there he is [splash] alight! [laughter] good catch Jim [laughter] nice job Alight! you did good I did good! finally you missed two in a row I know two in a row but this guy work
here well way to go! I like it
while you’re taking him off I’m gonna catch one all right have at it he’s a nice healthy in battling and fish
you see that guy give me a battle. he jumped and jumped didn’t he! these Saguaro fish have a pretty
color to them see that color see how dark they are what causes that Jim I’m not sure I
know that this lake in Canyon they’re that way they’re real green have a lot
of real green color to them let’s put this boy back and let him swim off. Pretty fish there you go boy that’s a nice fish John, that’s a nice fish whoa! let’s get some more I like that action
missed a couple earlier finally got one and we got that catfish and you get that
nice bass got a nice bass on a lizard and we’ve had a few little fish that’s Saguaro lake for you a little smorgasbord of everything oh yes great little lake
next cast could be 12 pounds whoa let me get in quick now [laughter] I just prefer you to
sit there and hold in the net in your hand [laughter] Cruz I am gonna be ready any minute mow okay ok your turn pressure is off me buddy [laughter] alright
he did a good job he fought hard I noticed you reset in your drag
in mid stream I’m always adjusted on this lite 6-pound test I lost to many
fish is that 6 pound you are using yeah Wow! I lost too many fish the other way Jim this lite line so when I get one on I immediately loosen that
drag as far as I need to you know that’s a lot of fun using lite line
all right love it I love it all right let’s get some more good spot though you
you were just saying two minutes ago this is where you caught a big one the
other day I got on the back your crank bait yeah he is still probably down there, let go get him he was a good five pounds I think it’s my turn all right go ahead I have been shaking them off the last two hours waiting for you catch one [laughter] alright no more shaking I better reset my drag here that’s a
mistake I make a lot got one oh I thought ya know it felt good and I’m
ready ready tedy. I almost wishing him on there but he’s not there yet we’re
get him on here in a second sometimes you got a wish them on. well can you believe this
blue sky we got blue sky and us cliff what a beautiful day. what a place to live
I tell you we’re really fortunate in this area – country
come on Jimmy Hammond we’re feeling good now Johnny feels good I got a fish [laughter] wel you had a couple of other ones in fact you had a good one all and it might
have been bigger than that one. we did not get to see you little bit ago but hey it’s
still morning time we got a lot of time all right get him come on Jimmy it’s
you buddy any minute now it’s going to throb and
I’m going to tell you how big it is about eight pounds [laughter] what’s the biggest fish you caught on
the show on the show ah I guess Floyd has it’s probably five and a half pounds I have
it 85 pounds sailfish [laughter] no..no…bass…bass… [laughter] five and a half
all right we’re going to beat that all right okay I’m looking forward to it
let me get right on that bank and get him for you what do you want an eight
pounder right in here Jim that’d be good that’d be good something bigger than five and a
half anyway if I ever get an 8 pounder on 6-pound test we’ll be here for 20
minutesa [music stringer] he is up now I believe it’s a catfish look at that baby in that water it feels good he hit it so hard fightin till…. he’s fighting
like a catfish fights I don’t know but if we get a cat let’s keep him and give it tp
somebody this one yeah he’s going around around like old whiskers there he is all
and I thought it’s bigger than that [splash] I ought to become a cat fisherman. you are.
I well tell you Jim look at that look at this guy I don’t mess with them you have at him. Now show me how to do that John no..no.. buddy y’all hold it right
here now you show me. no you show me the ropes buddy I am not messing with that thing did you hear him talking what did you say buddy? he said John [laughter] hey he did! your hearing is going he said John I talk big Catinese no… yeah I don’t know I don’t need let him
be a little more tired I am going to bring him in as soon as he gets tired, then I am going to bring him in. now he is moving to much [laughter] he might stick me yeah is going to stick you, you stick him. you tired buddy [laughter] okay no he is not tired yet. [laughter] come on et up there no
I want completely exhausted [laughter] Alright there you are I got out those pliers why don’t you hand them to me. I will get the piliers and I will stay far away from this boy see that he is talking I just tapped him in the Stomach and he talked he’s saying John no he is saying Jimmy, Jimmy look at that open your mouth buddy come
on come on open wide [laughter] I feel like a dentist
I would not go to you if you were a dentist The way you are butchering that thing [laughter] alright Jim you are going to let him go well unless you want to save him well unless you
got a neighbor or something that likes to eat catfish no..we will let him go, good bye buddy [splash] aw! beautiful day late October I love it. It doesn’t get too
much better than it is right now you got that it is just beautiful is unbelievable catch a
few fish there he is! alright there he is Jim [laughter] is that same worm yep alright. better
watch my drag here. come on Oh baby look at him pull. look at him go
I’m not kidding you the fish out of this lake fight as good as any lake Oh
baby I got that light test on oh! I’d get the net for you. no I got him that’s alright that’s why I do it yeah I do twice for
me today so far oh come on buddy nice beautiful fish again look how green he is
a lotta green a real dark backs beautiful fish in Saguaro Iet’s put it
back in here let me get my rod out of the way so we could check him out yeah let
that guy grow up and I’ll come back and catch him when he’s about 7 or 8
and he’s got my name on it right buddy see you bud come back when you grow up
for Jimmy when you about seven or eight pounds Jimmy wants to see you again
come on Jim let’s go buddy it’s you now There is one!!! go get em Jim alright buddy need the net or what? oh it feels good alright Jimmy [cheering] that was almost a double hook up I got that one in and you got this one. ZI was half sleep I sit there
watching you and after that one of you man I better
those worms you’re using I better get this net here looks like this looks like
he feels really good but I don’t think he’s catfish this time [laughter] meow!!! I deserve better come on, come on where is that fish Jim I’m just gonna come on buddy. I do not want to horse him too much he feels pretty good I got 12 pound test but you know that’s not that big but he’s a nice fish. all right Jimmy. there he is nice fish..real nice one Jim John I hate to tell you Son look at that that’s a lot better than yours. I know let me see nice fish Jim! look at that tail look at that tail it is worn a little bit bloody almost like he was spawning him
but hey we know he’s not spawming not this time of year. it’s not the right time to spawn it might put a little bit of stress on him with the lake going down and they’re
having to relocate so much. nice fish good three pound fish yeah that’s a dandy
isn’t it that a pretty fish. Let’s put that boy back and let him grow yeah he looks like he’s
been stressed out a little bit already nice guy alright he looked good whoa!! Can’t call you the king of Cats now. [layghter] let me rub you ha ha ha [laughter] Jimmy Hammond folks I wish it was a tourament you and me both [laughter] oh..ok this really looks good right here the river channel comes down and hits this bluff and then makes
a turn kind of place they would hangout and push the shad up against this bluff here
hey if I was a fish I’d hang out right here this looks like a dynamite area
come on Catfish let’s go for it here [laughter] here it is! all right Jim whoa Baby alright Jim all right no catfish this time Jim what
is it come on buddy I better get that net now he not going around in circles this
one this one’s a green one all right wait a second John don’t don’t
net him yet I do not know how big he is and I want to make sure that I’m gonna fight him
out here I don’t want to lose him just in case this one was good you know
they all feel good! he is not a monster but they all feel good. some
gooder than other’s come on fishy we’re are you? gee wiz [laughter] he is give you a bad time I just want to keep him off the bottom there is a lot of branchs around here. I see him! there he is! [splash] alright nice fish, nice fish it’s a bass whooooa! did I barely have him [laughter] woow! he is not a monster but if you get 10 of those in the tournament you’re on
your way to some money put him in let him grow up you’re gonna that’s a nice fish he would work in a tournament sure he would, sure he woulde
okay buddy we’re gonna let you go back and grow up nice fish I am going to release that one because I am going to catch some more. see you partner good job Jim can’t
call you catfish now Mr Bass we’re going to call you I want you to
forget all about that catfish stuff you know two catfish doesn’t make a
catfish fisherman. How many catfish did I catch today [laughter] you are not trying hard enough, you are not trying hard enough it’s been a great day I
take Jim I’ve been looking forward to fishing with you for a long long time
hey John good time I want to draw you one time in one of these all-star drawe
tournaments that would be dynamite all right we forgot to put your fish back
let me grab for you he can tell the fish all about it I
don’t care we’re leaving come on buddy come on whoo he still gave me a
bad time you need some help down there John
time I know you need to help not look at that I just want to show the folks a
nice Saguaro Lake bass that Jimmy Hammond caught beautiful fish say hello hello
goodbye here Jim you put them on in it’s your fish yeah it’s um but I gave that
up years ago yes nice let him go back here make
babies folks we’ll see you next week Jimmy Hammond thanks a lot thank you
John good job [Music] whoa

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