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– [Narrator] From Careco TV,
one of the longest running outdoor programs on
television today. Exploring the country,
and the coast, in search of adventure. From the mountains of
the great northwest to the shores of
the Atlantic Ocean. This is Americana Outdoors, presented by Garmin. (southern rock music) This week on Americana Outdoors, it’s all about fishing
and having good times. Clark Wendlandt and
Jeff Reynolds take 2017 Ranger’s aluminum RB190 out for a fishing day in
Venice, Louisiana, but first let’s get
together with Wade Middleton and our special guest,
Professional bass angler and good friend, Gene Eisenmann. They’re fishing in one of the
best fresh water fishing lakes in south Texas, Falcon Lake. – There’s always a bass
living on the dam somewhere. Gene, you like
the dam don’t you? – I do. – [Gene] Well today we’re at
Falcon Lake in Zapata, Texas. It’s my favorite place on Earth. Got to fish with Wade Middleton, Got to do kind of a special show where we’re not running around. We decided we’re going
to come down here and fish a full day on the dam. I packed my bags
and I was down here. I love fishing with Wade. He’s always relaxed, and we always just come
out to have a good time. There’s no pressure on us to
catch a bunch or anything. Most of the fishing I
do throughout the year is tournaments, you know. I rarely, rarely
get to go have fun. And when Wade calls, I
know I’m going to have fun. The pressure’s off. He’s running the troll motor. I can sit back, no
decisions to make, you know, and just catch some bass. Little one on the speed worm. On the cane thumper. – [Wade] Did you catch you
one on the cane thumper? – Yeah. Anything you leave
behind I’ll get. – I left a lot of rocks. Come here, you’re not that
big, but boy you think you are. A little better, that’s a little
bit better one right there, what we were looking for. Fast little bass right there. – You know today
was kind of cool, ’cause when we rolled up to
the dam, Wade knew of a tree. And on Falcon, if you got
a lone tree somewhere, you’re gonna smash ’em. And I called it his glory hole,
but we caught ’em one after another on one tree,
for a good two hours. Shh, I’m throwin’
in Wade’s hole. I poached you man.
– Got my line. – Threw it in your hole. – [Wade] Threw it into my rock. (laughing) – Oh, are you kidding me? That was a six pounder. – [Wade] He doesn’t count
when you didn’t get him in. – [Gene] I think they’re
pushing bait up here. – [Wade] Yeah, man you
can see it coming up. Look at ’em just
laying right there. You can see bait on the side. I mean look down
on the traditional. Tou can see fish just stacked
right there on that drop off. It’s amazing what
electronics have done to change the game
of bass fishing. Oh, there’s another one. – I don’t know if I’m just
getting weaker in my old age or they are just
getting stronger. – I’m not even going
to answer that. – I’m getting whooped
by a one pounder. – I’ve been dragging this
Big Little John’s Pro DD pretty deep. I just lost one in the rocks, and that’s gonna happen
out here when you’re fishing rocks on a
dam, or anywhere, you’re gonna get hung up. But just retied ’em using 10
pound sun line super mono, and I’m making really,
really long casts right now, and once I real it down,
I’m actually just kind of pulling my bait. When I hit that drop
off, you can see the fish on the depth finder
there stacked up, and they just literally
load up on it. Gene is mixing it up, he’s
throwing a Carolina rig with a coon tail worm on
the back by big body’s. Throwing all kinds of
other baits, but right now, in my opinion this is
the bait to be throwing. The wind is starting to blow. You got him? Come back and got it. Lot better fish right there. – Oh, he’s acrobatic. – [Wade] Didn’t I tell you
the right bait to throw? – [Gene] You did. – [Wade] You upsized. Falcon goes through
so many ebbs and flows as a lake, because of the water. It goes up and goes down. But you get these big
floods after it’s been down and the lake gets fresh again. I mean, this is the end result. It’s like fishing a new lake. – [Narrator] Up next Wade
and Gene are throwing everything in the tackle
box, pick anything they want, fish any way they want,
and catch a lot of fish. Americana Outdoors presented
by Garmin is brought to you by Garmin, fight your fish,
not your fish finder. Cabela’s, it’s in your nature. Ranger Boats, still building
legends, one at a time. And by Yamaha Marine,
reliability starts here. Welcome back to
Americana Outdoors. Wade Middleton and
our special guest, professional bass angler Gene
Eisenmann, are having fun fishing off their
favorite structure. – Personally, I
love fishing dams. I don’t care what lake it’s on. There’s so many fish there,
and there’s so many fish that grow up and live there
their whole life, you know? So you’re gonna catch ’em
one way or another, you know. In the morning, they’ll be
on shad and stuff like that. And you can catch
’em up real shallow, and then in the afternoon
they’ll get more on the bluegill bite, so you
can just play around with ’em. We smashed ’em, that’s
my favorite way to fish. Falcon Dam is more special
than any dam I know of. As soon as a tournament
off out of here, you’ll see 20% of the field head
straight to the dam. There’s just so many
fish there, you know? You got to weed through
a lot of fish to get to the big ones, but
when you’re on Falcon, the dam’s always
gonna be a player. – Better one, warming up. Just a little bit bigger size. – [Gene] You didn’t even
get a chance to get him all the way off the ledge. – [Wade] You know, there’s
so many different types of bait fish, and crawfish,
and everything that lives in all these rocks up here. – [Gene] Yeah, the morning
when it’s quiet like this, and kind of everything’s
settled down, I like to crank that old
Hydrowave up and really let it bounce against them rocks,
make a lot of commotion, get everything moving, you
know, moving in the area. – [Wade] Once you get
that school fired up and triggered, you got
to take advantage of it, when they’re biting
too, you know. You got to keep
that bait out there. That’s not one you want
to pose for a selfie. You want to keep
that bait there. – [Gene] Yeah. Although I do like
posing for selfies. – [Wade] Yeah, you
got to have something in your hand to pose with huh? – [Gene] You got another one? – This guy here, he was
swimming on the rock. That’s as far out as I can
hold him to make him look big right there, and still my
hand’s bigger than him. – [Gene] That’s
not a selfie bass.=[Wade] Oh, here we go. – [Gene] 71! – [Wade] Old Gene got
him down to retie. – [Gene] Sitting
out here at 32 now. The fishing was good, they
weren’t as big as we expected, but you really never know
what you’re gonna get. This is Falcon, you could
pull up and catch 30, 40 two pounders or you
could pull up and catch 30, 40 five pounders, you know? So yeah, and regardless
of the size of the fish we caught today, I
just had a blast. I mean, when you’re
catching numbers, it’s fun. You can fish any way you want. We threw everything from a
crank bait to a Carolina rig, and we just had fun with it, and spent the day together
just having a good time. We pulled up, first cast, we
catch a fish, 30 casts later we had 30 fish, it was just
one fish after another. We probably fished till 10:30
and had over 70, 80, 90 fish. We quit counting at 50, but
we never moved a hundred yards and did that kind of damage. – I’ll tell you what, they’re
so many bass this size in this lake. It’s fun, and we’ve caught
a lot smaller, some bigger. Well there’s just a great
average-sized fish down here at Falcon, and the Lake
is just in great shape. We had some fantastic
trips down here over the last 15 years. We’ve been up flipping
shallow, cranking, throwing spinner baits at times. It’s just a lake when
the fishing’s good, you just can’t hardly not
make a trip down here. – But it’s fun. – Ready for a double? (laughing) – [Gene] Swing that one
in, let’s do a weigh in. Let’s weigh these. – Mine is a future 10
pounder, he’s angry. Oh wait, I’m sorry. Ah, did you want to check those? (laughing) – [Narrator] Up next, Clark
Wendlandt and Jeff Reynolds are marsh fishing in
Venice, Louisiana on the new 2017 Ranger’s aluminum RB190. Stay tuned. Americana Outdoors presented
by Garmin is brought to you by Sawyer Products, Sawyer,
we keep you outdoors. SPRO sports professionals, and by Power-Pole,
swift, silent, secure. Welcome back to
Americana Outdoors, we’re in Venice, Louisiana, the tuna town and redfish
capital of the world. Or some might call it
the sportsman’s paradise. Venice offers visitors some
of the most fertile fishing and hunting areas the country
or the world has to offer. Today, Americana Outdoors’ Clark
Wendlandt and Jeff Reynolds are out for marsh fishing
over the area called The Wagon Wheel. – We’re in Venice, Louisiana. I’m with my great
friend Jeff Reynolds. Just a couple of bass fishermen
coming down here to see if we can catch some redfish. Ought to be fun. – Oh man, is this place
not off the chart? I mean, just all kinds of fish. There’s bass down here,
redfish, flounder. I mean, there’s no telling
what we might catch, but I don’t think we care. – We don’t care. We’re gonna catch
whatever we can. we’re gonna haul them in. We’re gonna eat them,
but the thing about it is we’re just bass fishermen, and what we’re gonna
see if we can do is is use more or less bass
techniques, and see if we can figure out how to catch
redfish doing that. – [Clark] You know,
we get out there and we actually pull up
on the very first stretch of cane we’re fishing,
and we look down and there’s one swimmin’ by. Well, I mean, when you
see a redfish swimmin’ by, you know it’s about to be good. And about two or
three minutes later, Jeff slings a spinner
bait up there, shallow cane, I mean perfect, and one just smokes
that spinner bait. I mean, smokes it. And when I say smoke
it, when he bit it, he moved so far, Jeff
thought he missed the bait. He’s sittin’ there reeling
trying to catch up with it. – Hey, that’s a good one. Oh God man, I mean it
is just, boom, boom. – [Clark] It was almost
like you missed it, you hit it so hard? – I mean you can come
down here with any kind of tackle and do this, bass tackle, junior rod and reels works fine. But it does make a difference
to be equipped right to fight these big suckers. You’ve got to have a reel
that’s got a good drag on it and a rod that can handle it. Look at that, isn’t that pretty? – [Clark] That’s a start. – Ow, did you just
see him bite me? Look at that,
that’s awesome man. – That’s a good way
to start the day. – That’s perfect bud. – Hey, when you’ve been
out here for 10 minutes and you catch one like
that, you kind of know it’s going to be a good day. – Oh yeah, you do. Well let’s–
– You want to keep him? – Absolutely, what
is the length? – It’s gotta be under 27. (grumbling) We’re gonna have to let him go. – That’s hardly the case for
me, is catching them too big. Hey, it’s still fun. Mr. Red, I appreciate it buddy. Oh, he still had plenty
of fight left in him. This is just a Big Bite
Baits cane thumper, small cane thumper. It’s just a little swim
bait with a paddle tail, but the biggest thing
on these paddle tails is one that’s got
a lot of action, ’cause you can buy some
that just don’t do much in the water, but these,
you see it’s real narrow through the tail right
there, and just gives it a lot more action
with that tail. Good bait. – [Clark] The one thing
we were really trying to accomplish out there is
catching keepers for deer camp. We love frying redfish. In deer camp, fish tacos,
I mean there’s just nothing like fresh redfish, and so
you know, the whole goal of the deal is to
throw them in there. Well the first one he
catches is 28, 29 inches. That’s okay. It didn’t take us long
to get pretty dialed in. – That’s another keeper Clark. – Get that dude in here. Man we’re gonna eat
good at deer camp. – We are. – Oh yeah, get em’ cane thumper. God almighty, look up yonder. I don’t know what that was, but
that was something gigantic. – [Clark] It’s funny how
they’re just all sizes in here, Jeff. – [Jeff] Yeah, and there he is. – [Clark] You catch little
ones and you catch big ones. – Another eater, I think. 19 and a quarter. Me and Clark are both
bass fishermen by trade, I guess you would say. You know, that’s our
bread and butter, what we like to do the best. I mean, he’s a three-time
angler of the year in FLW. And to do something like
what we’re doing here, redfishing back in the marshes,
is similar to bass fishing. It’s what we like to do. Heavy line, stiff
rods, shallow water, just moving around a bunch,
chunkin’ and windin’. Had a blast doin’ that. Puttin’ that aluminum boat
places where you couldn’t get a bigger boat. You know, you need something
that floats really shallow back in there, especially
with the tide droppin’. I mean, you never know
when you’re in Louisiana when you’re gonna be in
three foot one minute and two hours later it
might be six inches of water when the tide falls out. And if you’re somebody
like me that don’t keep up with the tides, you can
get stranded in a hurry. So having a boat that floats
shallow to get you around them places is
really key down here. – You know, one really
cool thing that happened to us when we were out
there is I’m lookin’ down, Jeff’s kinda lookin’
over to the left, and I look down and
there’s a giant redfish literally about five feet away. Well, our camera guy’s
not even with us, but the Garmin Virbs
are all over the boat, and so we captured the whole
thing just on the Garmin Virb. All I had to do is, is I
reel it in as fast as I can, I get it right in
front of that fish. I didn’t keep reeling
it, I just dropped it. I dropped it right
to the bottom. He swims right to the bottom
and just gobbles it up. Literally probably six,
seven feet of line out and just takes off
strippin’ drag. That was a cool fish. – You gotta give
it to him there. That was awesome. He swam right to us.
– One hop and he was in. – That’s a beast right there. Look how fat that dude is. – That was fun right there. – [Narrator] More redfish
in the Wagon Wheel in Venice, Louisiana,
when we come back. Americana Outdoors
presented by Garmin has been brought to
you by Bradley Smoker, food smoking made easy. Arctic Ice, we put
the cool in coolers. And by Engel Coolers, rugged,
durable, high-performance marine coolers. Welcome back to
Americana Outdoors. Clark Wendlandt and Jeff
Reynolds are marsh fishing on the brand new
Ranger aluminum RB190, searching for redfish. Like most shallow water
species, redfish follow the tide up onto grassy flats in
marshes in search of food. They’re found over all types
of bottoms but seem to prefer areas with submerged
vegetation and soft mud in which they can root for
crustaceans and other morsels. Redfish will feed in
water just inches deep, and tailing activity is most
common at dawn and dusk. – This right here, isn’t it?
– Yep. – So we just moved
a little ways. That water’s really fallin’ out, and Jeff definitely
called me out on the fact that we left a bunch of fish, but we’re always
trying to find more. Something more. I mean, we want to
find a bunch of fish not just a couple, so we’re
gonna see what happens in here. – Better be good. (laughing) – And if it isn’t, I’m
big enough to handle it. – [Jeff] There’s one, right
in the middle of that mullet. – [Clark] I saw him just
takin’ off over there, Jeff. – I seen them two or three
mullets sittin’ up there. Maybe, he might be a little shy. Plenty long enough, 17 1/2. – [Clark] How long is it? – 17 1/2. – [Clark] Shoot, easy. – You know, when me
and Clark went out, it was more of a
search and destroy. I mean, we were
looking for fish, we were running around
in marshes trying
to find some fish, and we hit a couple different
places, you know, no luck. And finally stumbled onto a few. Got in backwater hole,
real shallow water. Got up in there and
started seein’ some reds just kinda tailin’ up
in that shallow water. Wasn’t long when we
got in there, you know, Clark throws a spinner bait
up around a little grass mat and this big red comes out
and I mean just crushes it. Thrashes through the mat,
you know, he’s got him on 40 or 50 pound braided
line and he’s horsin’ him through that stuff. Just like what we
love to do, you know, just really gettin’ after
it, fightin’ them fish, wrestlin’ ’em around. That’s a good one
right there, man. Is that fun or what? – [Clark] He just
kinda rode it over. – Yes. – Another eater. We’re filling the
freezer right now, gettin’ ready for deer season. 17 inches. – You know, me and
Clark, we go way back. We’ve been buddies
for a long time. Get to fish a
little bit together. Not as much as we’d
like to, but you know, just spend the day on
the water with him. Can’t wait to do it again. – [Narrator] Interested
in Ranger’s aluminum boat? You can find out more
information on their Web site at Hey, don’t forget to visit
us at for in-depth stories
from the fields. Thank you for watching, and see you next time
on Americana Outdoors. Americana Outdoors is
a Careco TV production.

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