Italian coast guard saves 209 African migrants off coast of Sicily

This video released by the Italian coast guard
shows a joint rescue operation with a Maltese patrol boat to save 209 African migrants some
200km south east of Sicily. Whilst sailing towards Pozzallo in Italy,
one of the migrants became in urgent need of medical care and was taken on board a coast
guard helicopter and transported directly to the hospital in Etna, Sicily. Italy is struggling to keep up with the increase
in migrant boats this year and has asked the EU for more help in rescuing and housing the
migrants. The civil war in Syria and breakdown of order
in Libya have pushed the number of sea-borne arrivals in Italy to a record of more than
100,000 this year, straining the resources of its navy and coastguard.

7 thoughts on “Italian coast guard saves 209 African migrants off coast of Sicily

  1. Why. Why,why,why. Just fucking shoot them in the water literally theres no cameras to capture it, nobody will tell since no Italian wants them in their land and no goverment will care if they died since they've left their homeland to become bottom feeders in europe. I don't understand why they save them, they literally don't have any right to come into another country and expect to be fed, clothed, and kept alive just because they're poor or theres fighting going on in their country. If I can't walk into switzerland and say "ohhh please let me stay here because I'm not as rich as you" then they can't come into europe. Fuck the liberals.

  2. Malta doesn't have a problem.  The Maltese have serious patrols.  No migrants is allowed near Malta.  If the Italians want them, they can have them all.  If they r from Syria, Iraq, and Libya, they should be dropped at US bases to transit to the Great Satan, since the GS ruined their countries.  Africans need to be sent back to Africa, no one wants them. 

  3. Sink the dam boat next time!!! There good for NOTHING!!! There is not anof tit's for them suck on.They are a violent RISK for every society in the world!!!

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