iStyle @ The Miniature Royal Barge Procession Part 2

We’re still inside the Miniature performanceroyal berg 4D. Last break we’ve shown you the
amazing royal berg already. But now we’re going to eat. Yes. With Shabueshi buffet restaurant. They said that they got good food here. The products are number one. Yes very fresh. Fresh and new. I can smell it now. Shell we go inside now? Yes okay. Usually when we go to other buffet place they
will have trays full of pork and meat. Vegetable and other things. But here they come in the fridge. What would you like, just take it. This is squid. For fresh meat they will put them in here. This is bacon. I don’t eat much, but when I see
beacon I have to take a lot. I’m not that hungry and I don’t like this that much. This area got more fresh meat
that doesn’t need to be in the fridge. But it got ice on the bottom of this. They got pork balls, fish balls and a lot more. They got one thing that it’s hard
to find in other places is this infuse. You know when you have this kind of food,
if we don’t have this it’s like we’re not there. It’s like you almost get to the top but you can’t. We have to have this. But they got it here and they know how to clean it. Because if you don’t do it right it will have the bad smell. This is great. Let’s take the bacon too. And this is fresh vegetable. They got many to choose from, in shabu style. But they got some that I never see in other places. For example, this pumpkin. When you add this pumpkin to the soup,
it will give the soup a sweet taste. And tomatoes. Tomato can make the soup taste refresh. Yes when we drink something cold
you will feel refresh right. But when you have some hot food and feel
that way must have a reason. You should add this tomato in the soup. And add some pumpkin. This will add sweet to the soup. Ok let’s go eat. Ok I let him talk already now it’s my turn. I really what you guy to see the table he took a lot of food. Now I want to get some sauce. Okay we got the food now, what you like just bring it. But this is what I like, bacon. And for the soup if you add this
pumpkin will add more flavors to it. The sauce we mixed it differently. The sauce is depending on what you like. But for the soup if we added more flavor
to it than of cause it will be much better. Okay let’s not waste any more time. Shell we start to eat. Yes. We have to see if these are fresh products. Let’s eat! After we’ve seen the amazing miniature
performance royal berg 4D already. Very impressive. Yes. I have to give the credit to people who did all this. Because it’s all about Thai. And I’m sure that many people don’t know about the
royal berg history that including me. I didn’t know about this at all. If I haven’t been here today I wouldn’t know
that we have this since Ayudthaya time. After we lost in the fight. Then we rebuild the berg again. It’s very interesting story. And I think Thai people should learn about this. But it’s shame that a lot of us don’t know about this. I see a lot of foreign here. I hope that some of you who’re watching this show today. Please bring your children or teachers or school, You can bring students here to come and learn more. Can you please tell us where this place located? Yes it’s not far, if you know soisiam country club. By lotus express, we’re right next to it. It’s in the soi next to soisiam country club. When you come in here you will see lotus express store. You will see the big building here. Other than come see the show they
also have shabuishi restaurant. We had great food today. Whatever how you like your sauce
you just make it in your own style. And I guaranty they got fresh product. Okay that’s it for I-style show today. Stay tune where we will go next. And what I’ve got in my hand are the tickets
for miniature performance royal berg 4D 5 tickets here. Please stay tune for what you can do to win these ticket. And follow us right here on the bottom of your screen. Other than these tickets you will also get
20% discount at shabuishi restaurant too. Please stay tune for how you can win this. To I-style show, me and Poy have to now. See you next time. Goodbye. Goodbye.

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