INDIAN NAVY Destroyer INS Kolkata

Kolkata class are indian navy’s stealth guided missile destroyers. which includes three ships INS Kolkata INS Kochi and INS Chennai constructed by Mazagon Dock Limited (M D L) in India. MDL in India these are the largest
destroyers to be operated by the Indian navy these are the first stealth destroyers
being built by India the class have the length and 163
meters 535 feet the ship’s power and propulsion features a standard
combined gas system utilizing twins are really gas turbine plant spend for DP 59
reversible gas turbines dog the two propellers are run by two RG
54 gearboxes this configuration allows the ship to
reach speeds and excess of fifty six kilometers per hour the supersonic BrahMos anti-ship ship and
land-attack missiles are the primary offensive weapon of the Kolkata-class.The Ships main defense armature is Barak 8 (medium-long range) air defense missiles in addition for
close-in weapons system Mac A -630 are fitted for close in defense The Brahmos missiles updated into a
sixteen cell universal vertical launcher module and all sixteen missiles can be fired in salvo. For anti-submarine warfare, the Kolkata-class are equipped with a torpedo launching system via four torpedo tubes. Smerch-2 INS Kolkata was commissioned on August 16th 2014. INS Kochi was commissioned on middle of 2015 and INS Chennai is Commissioning in early 2016. thanks for watching this
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