Illinois Bloggers – Chris – Concrete Canoe Competition

Hey, this is Chris Walton. I’m a junior in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Illinois, and here we are at the Concrete Canoe Competition. (Cheering!) Alright, you can see here we’re slowly moving the canoe into position. See here all the canoes starting to get lined up, getting dragged down here. And here we have U of I’s own canoe. And here we have our own concrete canoe team making final preparations. Wave guys. So now what you’re looking at is the swamp fest, where we actually take the concrete canoe and we have to submerge it all the way in the water, completely sink it and it has to float back up to make sure that when we get out and actually race it it doesn’t sink to the bottom of the lake. (Horn goes off!) (Cheering!) (More cheering!) I-N-I !!! I-N-I !!! Go Go Go! (Still cheering) (The final cheers!) Here you can see all the display stands all the schools have. And here it is, Illinois itself!�

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