I Spent 3 Days Living in the Japanese Countryside ☆ ft. Tokidoki Traveller

24 thoughts on “I Spent 3 Days Living in the Japanese Countryside ☆ ft. Tokidoki Traveller

  1. I hope you enjoy seeing Sherry, Emma, and I’s experience living in the Japanese Countryside! ❤️ What was your favorite part?? I loved staying in the Japanese Guest House!Don’t forget to check out Emma and Sherry’s videos here! Sherry Y: https://youtu.be/-0uO0IguIxE / Emma: https://youtu.be/2OVq3AjSdNg I stream live on Twitch Weekly! (Mukbangs, Games, Yoga, Makeup)
    ☆Twitch http://twitch.tv/lesweetpea
    ☆Discord (LeSweetpea Community Forum): https://discordapp.com/invite/W3DQZgS

  2. It's about time I left Osaka and visited more of Japan! I really want to see all the places shown in vlogs like these.😊 (Love your editing style btw ❣️)

  3. Is it weird that I really enjoy seeing/hearing you vlog in Emma's video, and seeing her doing the same in this video?

  4. You're glowing! This is some gorgeous footage. My mind actually feels a sense of overwhelming just witnessing the huge mountains, the clearness of the water. It's crazy! I honestly don't even know where to focus even though the camera is displaying exceptional focus. These type of sceneries are unbeatable; it looks like such joy and peace. I'm glad you were able to experience this. Once again much appreciation for sharing! ☁️ 💛☁️💛☁️💛☁️

  5. Are you still in Japan?
    I thought there was a going away party, some months back
    Hop you're well, wherever you are! 😁

  6. Love how the video turned out! I wanna go back to that all you can eat place by the river 😂 more pizzaaaaaa

  7. Congrats on 100k!! I’ve been watching you for a while now and you inspired me to start learning Japanese 🥺 You deserve so many more subbies girl! Keep doing you and pleeease post more 🥰

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