Hurtigruten’s Trollfjord Cruise Ship Tour 2017 – Hurtigruten Cruise Line

Taking its name from the famed fjord in Lofoten, Norway, the 822 guest Trollfjord is, at 16,140 gross tons, one of the largest members of the 14 ship Hurtigruten fleet. Like its Hurtigruten fleetmates, the Trollfjord is fitted with an ice-strengthened bow for its regular year-round service sailing on the Norwegian coast between Bergen and Kirkeness. The Trollfjord’s hull was built by the Bruces Shipyard in Landskrona, Sweden, and towed to Rissa (near Trondheim), Norway, and completed in 2002 by the Fosen Shipyard. The Trollfjord is a ship with a distinct Norwegian heritage that is reflected in its design, artwork and cuisine. Framed photos of Norway’s king and queen are proudly displayed in its reception area. Sharing flagship status with its near twin, the Midnatsol of 2003, the Trollfjord is 445.3 by 70.5 feet and powered by two Wartsila diesels that drive twin Aquamaster azimuth pods at a service speed of 15 knots. The uppermost of the ship’s seven passenger decks is Deck 9, which features a sheltered open deck area forward of the funnel. This is another view of the sheltered space on Deck 9. A pair of Jacuzzis on Deck 9 are available for guests’ use in almost all weather conditions. Deck 9 continues aft with open deck on either side of the funnel casing. The aft portion of Deck 9 is an observation deck that spans the width of the ship. On Deck 6, there is a full wraparound promenade with an open terrace overlooking the bow. Narrow walkways continue aft on either side of Deck 6. The aft portion of Deck 6 has space for deck chairs overlooking the wake. The uppermost public space on the Trollfjord is the Horizon Gallery, which is actually the top level of an observation lounge fronted by picture windows. This is the view facing forward from the Horizon Gallery. A small gym follows the Horizon Gallery on the starboard side. It is adjoined by a sauna. The Polar Bar opens up via glass screens onto the sheltered portion of Deck 9. A series of public rooms begins on Deck 8 with the handsome Panorama Lounge, the lower level of the observation lounge. The Fjord Hall is aft of the atrium on the starboard side of Deck 8. It contains a soda, coffee and beer bar with seating near full-length windows. The Tours Desk is aft of the Fjord Hall on the starboard side of Deck 8. Across from the Tours Desk, brochures, maps and excursion forms are available. A Library with books, DVDs and games follows the Tours Desk on the starboard side of Deck 8. There is a computer center with four stations (charges apply) across from the Library. The Trollfjord Bar is located aft of the atrium on the port side of Deck 8. In the aft portion of the Trollfjord Bar, there is a piano and dance floor. The Espolin-Johnson Room is aft of the Trollfjord Bar on the port side of Deck 8. It features paintings by celebrated Norwegian artist Kaare Espolin-Johnson that were transferred from the former Hurtigruten ship Harald Jarl of 1964. The bridge is located on Deck 7. The Trollfjord is manned by a crew of 74. A full deck of public rooms begins on Deck 5 with a large lecture hall, used primarily for shore excursion talks and enrichment lectures that can also be used for group meetings. Smaller, wedge-shaped meeting rooms are on either side of the lecture hall. This is the one on the port side. This is the small meeting room on the starboard side of Deck 5. The passage on the starboard side leading aft from the lecture hall has lounge style seating that faces large picture windows. On the port side of the passage leading to the lecture hall on Deck 5, there is a playroom area. The Viking Market is a series of dining and shopping venues located aft of the atrium on Deck 5. This is a forward-facing view of the midships portion of the Viking Market. On the starboard side of the Viking Market, there is a seating area where guests can dine on snacks purchased from the neighboring cafe. A striking abstract painting of the actual Trollfjord is one of the focal points of the Viking Market. Guests can purchase snacks, sandwiches, coffee and soft drinks at the Viking Cafe. There is a shop with souvenirs, clothing and other sundries in the aft portion of the Viking Market. Accessed on the port side of the Viking Market, the A la carte Restaurant offers a menu of for-purchase Norwegian specialties. Reservations are required. The Saga Hall is the Trollfjord’s main dining room. Accommodating up to 335 guests, it is used for open seating, buffet style breakfast and lunch as well as two dinner seatings. The aft portion of the Saga Hall has a panorama of windows that overlook the ship’s wake. A wide variety of food is available for breakfast, including fresh pancakes. Passengers enter the Trollfjord at the reception area on Deck 4. The Trollfjord has a skylight topped, six deck tall atrium with panoramic elevators that span upwards from Deck 4. A luggage room is located near reception for deck passengers. The Trollfjord can accommodate up to 176 unberthed passengers. The Trollfjord also has a car deck that can accommodate up to 45 cars. A wood toned central passageway leads to the suites and mini-suites on aft Deck 8. The Trollfjord has 17 suites, five of which have balconies. Most of the Trollfjord’s lower deck accommodation is reached via port and starboard passageways. The ship can accommodate up to 646 guests in a total of 301 staterooms, ranging from Suites to Interiors. Arctic Superior cabins are comfortable outsides with two lower beds (one of which converts to a sofa) and a circular window on the ship’s upper and middle decks. Arctic Superior cabins have coffee- and tea-making facilities. This is an Arctic Superior cabin bathroom. Arctic Superior cabins are stocked with Arctic Pure brand shampoo, conditioner and body wash. This is an Arctic Superior cabin with an unfolding third (upper) berth. Some Arctic Superior cabins feature a blue (versus green) decorative palette. Polar Outside cabins are located on the ship’s middle and lower decks. This is a Polar Outside cabin with twin portholes in lieu of a picture window. Polar Inside Cabins, shown with green soft fittings, are located on the ship’s upper, middle and lower decks and can feature an upper and lower berth or two lower berths. This is an Polar Inside with beige/brown soft fittings. Polar Insides have bathrooms with a shower and toilet. The Trollfjord operates year round, even in the winter, when people come from all around the world to seek out the elusive Northern Lights on a Hurtigruten voyage.

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