Humminbird ICE HELIX G2N (All-Season)

In addition to the ICE HELIX 5 & 7
family there’s a new model the all-season model that comes complete
with everything you need for ice fishing and for open water fishing. In addition
to your ice fishing shuttle that comes with a battery and a floating transducer
will come a summer transducer along with a power cord and a gimbal mount for your
time in the boat. The ICE HELIX 7 (G2N) for 2019 also has networking capabilities so
when you’re on the boat in summer you can take advantages of i-Pilot Link, 360
Imaging and data sharing across your network getting more out of your unit
from winter to summer. To learn more follow us on Facebook, subscribe to our YouTube Channel, or visit us at

2 thoughts on “Humminbird ICE HELIX G2N (All-Season)

  1. Does the Helix 7 SI GPS G2 have a flasher mode for ice fishing ? I tried a few other models at cabelas, can’t remember specifically trying the 7 SI unit. I bought one a few weeks later and heard someone say it doesn’t have a flasher mode. Can you confirm either way? I have the xl 9 1521 transducer.

  2. First one I had quit on me after 4 uses even tho it worked great during those uses>>> so indec8ded to get a new one and this new one works like a charm. I love it, a very great thing to have in a kayak!

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