HUGE Profit FOUND In $460 US Veterans Abandoned Storage Unit!

100 thoughts on “HUGE Profit FOUND In $460 US Veterans Abandoned Storage Unit!

  1. It’s definitely a Russian/soviet military weapons pouch, definitely for a Mosin Nagant. Which was used 1891-~1970 and actually still in use in some areas.

  2. I bought a Jennings 9mm for $95.00 brand new with 2 mags. It was a awesome gun and I loved it. I want to get another one. Or who ever stole mine can return it I will not be mad then.

  3. can I buy those green Shemaghs? I am from the Philippines and wanted to follow your footsteps, tho not a lot of storage units here.

  4. Do you check your firearms to make sure they still function before putting them up for auction? Just curious since it looked like the gun was in piece giving the impression it was disassembled for a reason like it was in the process of being repaired.

  5. I have one of those Panama coins myself. It is very much real silver too. The pouch and kit looked like a WW2 Russian kit reproduction.

  6. 9 minutes in, and oh yeah. Great unit for the price. That fairy statue keeps reminding me of the emblem on Rolls Royce vehicles. At least what they look like from afar, because I've never been close enough to a Rolls to know!

  7. White ashtray ? with colored star is OES, Order of the Eastern Star. The Order of the Eastern Star is a Masonic appendant body open to both men and women.

  8. What website do you use to check values of baseball and hockey cards. I have a bunch of cars from the 60-90s i know the 80s and 90s are more mass produced.

  9. Hey Justin, great locker nice pew, pew. Im inquiring if u recd the email i sent u two days ago.
    Its me asking if u could extend some youtube help to him.
    I Included his business card, he is a solid youtuber – fishing channel ,gamer, and maybe storage.who knows he just needs a boost
    He only has 373 subs. He's also rated PG.
    Any help would be appreciated. I know u ll help God said u would, I'm a believer!
    Sincerely, tom hensley

  10. Do you ever buy units that turn out to be a total bust? You should do an episode of the horrible units you’ve bought! Could be pretty funny.

  11. So that bag that had the leather pouches and that metal tin, that's for a Mosin Nagant. They go together when you buy the rifle, not worth much unfortunately. When I bought mine I got the whole the set rifle included for $100.

  12. Justin you make me so nervous when you handle glass and before you say it I know its your stuff and you can smash it all if you want. lol Just a tick I have because I use to buy some really nice glass ware. Great score for you guys. You said you had it figured out how to do the thrift store without hiring another person? It seems everyone is so busy they don't have time to turn around let alone watch a thrift store. Plus you are going to have to block off the area where the auction stuff is so they don't steal something on the way out.

  13. I give Grimes a lot of credit. Everytime he finds a firearm it still ends up in the auction. I am not this strong of a man. That's some serious self control. I'd be keeping those. Lol!

  14. at 7:55 "made in England" – that's a #masonic order of the eastern star – #freemasonry, which is satanic at its roots. Don't sell it, smash it up.

  15. Just a F Y I , i retired from the united states postal service,that post office mail tub needs to be returned to the nearest post office,whomever obtained it illegally.

  16. Justin,. As one service man to another do you not think you should try and find him and see if he is on hard times and needs some help

  17. COMMENTS FOR 4:00 and 12:08 Tactical coin and ROLEX

    4:00 that is a military training (usually in Alabama) token. My DP bro in law has many, he claims he has worked at Pentagon and White House protecting the president from 2006ish to 2016…. His comments were always, if I tell you I would have to kill you … and his father had mental issues so you really never know for sure about him. just be sure to call him by his first 2 names hahaha he loves that, gotta stroke his ego hahaha.
    12:08 ROLEX probably REAL … square faced and one design bands/watch are not common and usually are specialty pieces. in 2013 Hong Kong was the best place to get good deals on REAL ROLEX's, it was the hot place to go and get the most variety, price and volume. If working for HLS probably flew outside US with officials and picked one up there, I have many friends who acquired theirs on those trips. Take it to a jeweler, well worth the trip.

  18. The little black leather things are old cellphone belt holsters. Not sure if they have any use now. Maybe have a friend with a firearm collection see if they will work for a mag pouch for something

  19. So, the challenge coin comes from the DHS Office of Firearms and Tactical Program Training unit at Ft. Benning, GA. Not given to very many people…

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