How to use a Baitcasting Reel

[Music] good morning you’re fishing with Gary
today hey guys let me give you a quick tip on bait casters before I blow into
the shore excuse me the number one question I hear when when we do our
seminars or I’m down on the floor at the Bass Pro Shop is I bought a brand new
bait caster and I just can’t throw it well you know what you’re leaving one of
the best tools at home because let me give you a tip on how to throw this bait
caster all right it’s uh on the side here on this side be the left side of
the bait caster first off you got to set these magnets on the left-hand side of
the reel don’t just take it out of the box and expect that this thing is going
to work perfect for you because it’s not alright so I always set mine right in
the middle 5 or 6 for the first you cast okay I’ve been doing this for a lot of
years so don’t just take it out of the box and use it for the first thing you
need to do is set the magnets on this side then you got to adjust the weight
that you have on the end of your lure and by doing that I’m using a quarter
ounce with a brush hog so so let me just point this towards you you want this
this spool just to barely turn that’s too fast this little knob right under
the handle controls that for this to work you just barely turn it forward and
it doesn’t have to be much see how my reel is just barely barely
going down when you release the bail you want that thing just a barely barely
turn like that okay that’s what you want as a beginner as you start using your
bait caster you’re gonna get more comfortable and you can start loosening
that out to where that base capture starts spool starts turn it like that
but that’s how you get your backlashes so you want it you want that thing where
you barely barely barely can get it to turn alright you’re right handed you
want those handles straight up this is very important these handles have to be
up I let this rest on my forearm right like this alright I
take about a foot down now everything is in your wrist I don’t want to see you
doing this because that’s not the right way you go straight back with it like
this and you cock your wrist all the way back and you throw it up in the air and
now it’s not going to go far so you need to do this at home to practice so I’m
going to loosen that up just to hair I am gonna just throw that out like that and
then you’re gonna stop it where you want to stop it push the the button here it’s
not going anywhere I’m gonna loose that up just to hear one little tiny click
now I’m gonna go back cock that thing back as far as you can and just throw it
up in the air like that you don’t try to throw it hard you just barely throw it
at first to get it used to and then you’re stopping that bail with your
thumb I leave my thumb on there all the time
resting on this and barely touching the line as we go down the bank so let’s try
it again we’re gonna see how loose it is by pushing that okay see it it’s just
barely barely barely turning this is for beginners you guys that have been doing
the throwing these things for 10-15 years you already know how to throw this
there’s too many guys that need the 101 class push the button cock it back and
just throw it not hard you’re not slinging it like a spinning rod it’s a
little different once you get used to this you will love it you won’t want to
use your spinning rod anymore guaranteed so when you buy that rod and
reel from the Bass Pro Shop and by the way this is probably one of the better
bait casters that I’ve seen this is a Johnny Morris’s platinum it’s red, red
and white beautiful it’s got a matching a matching reel
alright Bass Pro Shop reel these have win grips meaning win Golf Club grips
it’s soft all the time there’s many many reasons why you should be using the bait
casters for one you can throw a heavier line I like using XPS fluorocarbon 12
and 14 pound on my biat Caster it’s the lighter
the line you go like eight pound six pound it doesn’t work you need to throw
that on a spinning rod minimum ten pound test and up 12 pounds works the best 12,
14, 16 you have more control over that baitcaster when you’re casting it once
you get that thing to go start using it you know by this you can actually learn
how to pitch you can watch this you know I take my bait I hold it right by the
rod I go down hold my rod down and I just sling it like that like that okay
that’s pitching. flipping flicking is a little bit different you know you just
take your hand out like this and you’re just you know throwing it up towards you
know a bush or a rock this wintertime right now the fish are out deep that are
out in 15, 18, 20 feet deep so you know but once you learn how to do this you
don’t have to do it like this you can just take your your rod like this and
just go like that that’s how easy it is but first of all you need to go home and
practice go in the backyard if you have a swimming pool get back up one end and
just lob it just try to lob it out there until you get that down pat if you don’t
have a swimming pool do it in the do it in the street or the carport or
something you know or do it at the lake you know so we’ve already set that five
he goes up to ten this dial set it at five or six turn your rod handles up and
sometimes I’ll hold the bottom like this to get more leverage and I’ll just throw
it I’m not throwing it hard if I want to throw it hard I’ll throw it way down
there but I like to keep close to the bank you know I like to keep it fairly
close to the bank so there’s there’s a number of ways the overhand cast
remember the handles always go up that’s easy to remember if you’re
left-handed the handles are gona go down like this right handed they go up
left hand that they go down when you pitch the bait goes back to your back to
your reel and you’re just lobbing it out towards the shoreline that’s where this
comes in handy you can always stop that thing you know before you can stop it on
a dime so then after you start getting good you want to practice you just go in
your backyard put out a bucket and then try to get this in the bucket each time if you can learn how to pitch you can pitch a long ways you know you can just
let it go out there nice and easy bring the bait back up to your handle
drop your rod like this and then just let it go out like that once you master that boy I’ll tell you then you can pitch it underhand over to
the trees the rocks setting up your reel is important remember do not use it just
taking it out of the box I always leave about that much that much line hanging
down handles up Ok remember you’re casting with your wrist like this hold
your forearm straight up and down and just cast do not be taking your
whole arm like this and Casting it’s bad for your rotator cups but just
sit there and just cast like that. that’s how that’s how easy it is to do remember
you can always have a lot of control when the winds blowing it’s hard to
control you know you got to get used to it because that bait will go from one
side to the other that’s the only bad from that you may be really proficient
when when there’s no wind but when the wind when the wind blows it’s hard
casting into the wind always remember that a lot of us don’t look good we
don’t look like pros when we do that it’s a very very hard here we go so I’ve been pitching so now I’m going
to show you a little bit of flipping at and how you can control this bait so you
can let a lot of line out this way so this is called flipping pulling your
line out with your hand to the side and releasing it and that they go back in this is good for when you’re close to
this is good for when you’re close to weeds like if you’re fishing Alamo or up
in the river somewhere where there’s lots of trees and stuff around you and
you can’t pitch very good but you want to just sit there and you just want to
put it right in the tree and let it go down to the bottom and catch your fish we have flipping, pitching and overhand those three are the key things you need
to use when you’re using a bait caster reel it’s it’s a lot of fun and like I
said when you master it you’ll be saying thank you it’s that good
it’s that much fun so you think you got the idea of pitching and flipping and
Casting hang on one second I got about three fish right here underneath my boat
you get it out to the bottom jig it a little bit there it is you
didn’t know it was that easy did you neither did I [Splash] OOP that’s it’s kind of a
nice one good pound and a half pound three quarters Wow all right I’m gonna
let this one go there he goes [Music]

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