How to Steer and Paddle a Canoe : How to Do U-Turns in Canoeing

Another maneuver you can do using a combination
of strokes is called a U-Turn and a U-turn is just what it sounds like, you’re paddling
forward, you’ve got some speed up, you turn in a U, in an arc and come back the way you
came from. You can do a u-turn either in 180 degrees or you can do less of a turn, but
either way, with a u-turn the idea is to maintain your speed through a turn and come out of
the other end of the turn with some speed as well. What I’m going to do at first is
a U-turn toward my off side, I’m going to take some forward strokes, get up a little
momentum, do a cross duplex stroke and then turn that cross duplex stroke into a forward
stroke and then continue paddling back toward you. So first I’m going to paddle away do
my U-turn and then paddle back toward you. Then I’ll show you an on side U-turn as
well. So that’s an off side U-turn.

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