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Hi. I’m Mark Corke from BoatU.S. Magazine. Welcome aboard! Today I’m going to take you through the steps
necessary to splice a loop in the end of a piece of double braided line. It’s not difficult, and once you practice
it, you’ll do it very quickly. It’s much stronger than a knot and much neater. To get started, we have to tie a stopper knot
to some secure part of the boat about 15 to 20 feet from the end of the line we’re splicing,
cause we’re going to be pulling on this, and we need something solid. So to get started, we take a fid the same
diameter as the line, line it up with the end, and then we put a Sharpie mark on the
line. That’s our first mark. We then decide what size loop we want. So, from that first mark, I line that up alongside
the line. We’ve got a loop here. That’s going to be the size of my loop, and
I put a second mark . At the second mark, I open up the cover. I don’t cut anything, but I open up the cover,
put a small fid in there and extract the core. Where I’ve pulled the core from the cover,
I’m going to take my marker and put another mark on the core. I’m going to pull out another couple of feet
of core. Take a fid, and I mark two-thirds of a fid-length
down there. This will be my fourth mark. I’ve taped up the end of this core to stop
it from unraveling and I’m going to poke that now into a fid that’s the same diameter as
the core. And I’m going to be putting that in at the
first mark I made on the cover, down inside away from the bitter end, and come out an
inch or so past where the core extracts. I’ve taped up the end of the cover and I’m
going to wedge that into fid the same diameter as the cover and then that goes into the core. Now this is kind of loose so you work your
way down very carefully. And I go down one fid-length. And I’ll bring it out the side. Now that that’s extracted from the core, I
can remove the tape on the end. I’m going to get a small fid and coming back
about 3 or 4 inches from the end, we just tease out some of these strands … individual
strands … working toward the end. The reason we do this is because we’re going
to taper the splice to make it look neater. Then I just cut these off. Now I massage the core to ease the transition
between the cover and the core. So to finish this splice up now, we just start
milking the cover back over the core, and you’ll see it start to disappear in there. What I’m doing now is, I’m just working that
down, and as you can see, I’ve buried the cover inside here. so we have a nice, neat splice. The only thing that’s left to do is we’ve
got this bit of core hanging out here. We just pull that back about half an inch,
take a pair of scissors, snip that off. One last tug, and the splice is complete. So, there you have it. A nice neat loop at the end of a length of
double braid. Much neater than a knot, and I think you’d
agree this is something you’d be proud to have on your own boat. So, thanks for watching, give us some comments,
let us know what you’d like to see, and for more information, go to

15 thoughts on “How to Splice Double Braid Line | BoatUS

  1. Hello!! thanks for the great video and instructions. Any chance you could show me how to do an eye splice without the core in the loop, please.

  2. Pretty clear instructions until you get to the point of inserting the cover into the core. Which mark do you insert it into, 3rd or 4th??? It seems the marks disappear in your video and you don't state which one.

  3. That is a lame example of how to splice double braid. If you want to know the correct way, check out the New England Rope video.

  4. This may be an often asked question but I did not see anyone else ask—-just how strong is that eye? Nice job by the way. Thank you.

  5. Ok, so I tried this with the braided line I have on hand. It is not a double braid inside and out, just braided on the outside. The inside is twisted, and cones undone, untwisted, unraveled when outside the cover. Trying to pull the cover through is impossible. Is there anything, outside of buying more expensive line, can I do? TYIA

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