How to Shoot Multiple Targets Quickly and Accurately – Navy SEAL Tips

Hey guys I’m retired Navy SEAL sniper
instructor Chris Sajnog founder of the new rules of marksmanship in this
video I’m going to teach you how to shoot multiple targets faster now let’s
go ahead and get started shooting multiple targets is really easy
if you know how to do it but the problem is that people apply the same techniques
to shooting a single target to shooting multiple targets and that’s just not
going to work now there’s five things that you need to keep in mind and I’m
going to teach you those five things and if you follow them learning to shoot
multiple targets is really going to be easy and you’re going to be able to do
it a lot faster the first thing you need to think about is your natural point of
aim where does your body naturally rest when it’s pointed at something and
generally we look at the hips on where that’s going to be so right now I have
two targets set up on each side of the camera and if I was going to be shooting
just at this target right here my natural point of aim would be right
here at this target but if I want to shoot at this target over here well then
I need to shift my body I need to use muscle to turn my body to shoot over
there now this is a real easy fix and all you need to do is open up your foot
to open up your hips and allow your hips to allow you to be able to naturally now
point at both of those targets you may not be able to plan for multiple targets
but if you’re in a shooting competition and you know you have to shoot two
targets or three targets set up in advance for that and say you’re in a
self-defense situation and you have a threat here and another threat opens up
well your feet aren’t stuck in cement so just adjust on the move and open up your
natural point of aim so you can effectively engage both targets number
two and this is critical there’s three things that need to shift for each
target and that’s your awareness your eyes and then your muzzle and it needs
to always happen in that order your awareness means that you are aware of
what’s around you being situational aware is a skill you can work on it and
perfect through different drills such as meditation but you need to be aware of
where your eyes are going to move next so right now I am aware of this target
here and my eyes are on this target but I’m also
aware of that target even though I’m not looking at it I become aware of it
say I’m engaging this target and then I see another target ion I know that’s my
next target well I need to now shift my eyes to my awareness over to there and
then the third thing I’m gonna do is move my muzzle so I’m pointing here over
to meet my eyes now if you do it in that order
it’s going to avoid what a lot of people do when they overshoot their target they
don’t stop on what they want to stop on that can happen when your eyes move
there but also when your muzzle moves there so make sure you do it in that
order the third thing is timing I brought out one of my favorite training
tools which is a little dog trainer it goes like that I use this when I teach
people on the range so they can hear what their shots should sound like when
they’re shooting multiple targets here’s an example I’m gonna shoot two shots at
this target and two shots at this other target over here with my little dog
clicker and I would go one two three four all right super easy right you can
do that in your sleep use this as one of the key ingredients to being able to
shoot faster and that is your timing so what do I mean well most people when
they try to shoot two targets faster they’ll shoot target number one fast and
shoot target number two fast so it would be like this now the problem with that
is the biggest time gap that we have is the time between the two targets so if
I’m focusing on shooting each individual target faster rather than compressing
the time in the middle then I’m never going to get faster at shooting both of
those targets so the way to fix that is to perfectly time all your shots so
forget about how many targets you have think about your shots going back to
shooting these two targets with two rounds each I’m going to shoot one two
three four once you get the timing down everything
else becomes easier now we’re going to just work on
pressing the entire time of the holeshot sequence so this can easily turn into
now I know it sounds too easy too simple to be true but that’s the way it works
and you need to focus on that you can’t force your speed you need to allow speed
to happen okay so get your natural point of aim make sure you are aware of your
target first then move your eyes then move your muzzle and then make sure
you’re working on your timing now the next thing and I touched on it part of
it briefly is you need to ramp up your speed slowly and you also need to ramp
up the distance between the two targets you could start off just with one yard
apart and work on that and then slowly as you get better you can spread them
further and further apart and then you can work on your speed so I wouldn’t
want to work on trying to shoot a target over here and shifting everything my
awareness my eyes and my muzzle all the way over to here when I can’t even do it
here first train all this stuff at home it can save you a lot of time and
frustration on the range it’s gonna save you a lot of ammo and you can do it with
airsoft guns you can do it with laser guns and of course you could do it with
just a clicker being able to hear that sound and know what it feels like so
when you do go to the range you’re going to be much better prepared for it so now
let me show you what that would look like doing it dry fire this is my Glock
pistol it has been cleared out and I have a dry fire mag inside of here so
that each time I pull the trigger it will reset it so I’m gonna set myself up
my natural point of aim is on both targets here and I am going to one two
now my awareness is going to move to my other target now my eyes are going to
move to that target and I’m gonna bring my muzzle to meet my eyes and then I’ll
engage this one so I’m gonna do that again and I’ll do it with the timing so
you can hear the timing and you can see my eyes you won’t see my awareness shift
but you’ll see my eyes shift and then my muzzle will move after my eyes shift you
can do with any weapon system you can do it at home you can even do it with
airsoft so let me show you what that looks like alright so here I have my CQB
are from EVIC calm it is an airsoft gun and this is a high quality training
airsoft gun so it’s got the same weight feel you can see I’ve got all my
accessories that I have on my real firearm on this gun so that’s really
makes this one of my favorite training tools with this we are going to make
sure that our natural point of aim allows me to easily shift between my two
targets alright so let’s see what that looks like I’m going to shoot two rounds
my awareness is going to shift to my second target my eyes are going to shift
to my second target and then my muzzle is going to shift to my second target so
that’s it that is shooting multiple targets you can practice this at home
you can practice really anywhere you go if you use the right tools so I hope
this has helped you out and until next time keep paving your path to perfection
hey I really hope you enjoyed watching that video and if you did I put together
my top three videos for learning to shoot at home and I want to give those
to you absolutely free now all you have to do is click the I card that just
popped up or you can go to Kris sign on Comm
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copy of my new rules of marksmanship manifesto click the card go to so I can send you those videos keep
paving your path to perfection guys

21 thoughts on “How to Shoot Multiple Targets Quickly and Accurately – Navy SEAL Tips

  1. Chris like all ways great video great techniques thanks for keeping us well informed…God bless America and long live the Republic 🇺🇸…

  2. Could you pivot on the balls of your feet in order to shift your NPA? Are there 1911 dry fire mags? LOL Thank you for the shout out to the airsoft rifle company. I'm glad this video was the first thing on my YouTube feed this morning. Always love the simplicity, effectiveness, and no nonsense common sense approach of your instruction sir. My son watched this video with me. 😃🇺🇸

  3. Yesterday I watched some videos here, which I do reguarly and thought, man I miss a multi target video, came back today and it was just there, awesome, thanks a lot, excellent tutorial!👍💜

  4. can i add something i've learned in competition? if you can, fire on the targets in the order that lets you ride the recoil, rather than fight the recoil. and go nearer to farther, not just because of tactical priority, but its easier to shift your focus.

  5. Mr. Sajnog, you don’t clearly state when or how to shift natural point of aim, or where to set it if you know you have multiple targets.

  6. Dude… YOU ARE GREAT… you are a TEACHER… you have a gift to teach… really… impressive with all of your videos… I even bought your advanced focus string.. IT IS AWESOME…keep the great job

  7. How does this work with front sight focus? I assume I have to fire at the first target, take my eyes off the front sight, look to second target, move muzzle, pick up front sight, and fire? Is it an option to move the eyes with the muzzle, keeping focus on the front sight?

  8. Again, THANK YOU for giving us a LIST of what to do and how to do it. I do set up multiple dry fire targets so I can practice moving from one target to the next without losing my front sight focus. I'm still slow, but I'm smooth, so I hope the quicker acquisition will come.

  9. Former Marine approved! I agree with the information, even though some of it was not in our curriculum. As a weapons and CQB instructor, I really liked this information and how it was conveyed. As some of this I am familiar with, additional information just made sense and I will add it to my kit bag for future use. I also thought the use of using Air Soft guns for training. Excellent!

  10. Hey Chris! Great video and information! So this video might've answered the question I'm wanting your expertise on, but I'll ask anyways.

    When entering a room with targets, do you use the "Awareness, Eyes, Muzzle" technique? Or is it better to focus on the front sight the entire time when turning the corner and use your peripherals and awareness to spot a target? Thank you!

  11. In 2009, I came home from a deployment and my oldest son, who was 3 or 4 at the time, wouldn’t eat for almost 2 weeks… Being a father I was obviously concerned, so I asked him about it and his answer really hit me hard… He said, “Dad, if I eat I’ll grow up and if I grow up I’ll become a daddy. And if I become a daddy, I’ll have to leave my family.” My boys barely knew who I was and I couldn’t let them grow up without a father…

    I realized at that moment my family needed me a lot more than the Navy needed another SEAL. So I put in for retirement the next day…

    Back then I knew I wanted to be with my family more than anything, so I made changes in my life that allowed me to be at home.

    We all want more time to spend with the people we love or doing the things we love. That’s why I’m here to help!

    Once you read my New Rules of Marksmanship you will learn how you can stay at home, and save time and money while you improve your shooting! I promise this works… try it now:


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