How to Sail a Sailboat : What to Eat When Sailing

The food you probably take out there, probably
dehydrated food. You want to make it as simple as possible out there cause you want don’t
want to be doing, washing a lot of dishes or making a big mess out there. A lot of dehydrated
foods. Nuts, fruits, trail mix. Good simple easy fix is a cup of soup is easy is real
easy. That’s always good in the morning. Coming off a late shift or a cold morning out there.
Coffee, juices, just, you won’t be able to keep fruit or veggies there unless you have
a refrigeration. We do have refrigeration so we’ll be able to take some of your food
that’ll spoil there and keep it a little longer. Sometimes too out there you can precook food
out there if you like spaghetti or something. Spaghetti is easy to cook, but you can also
go out there and freeze it and freeze it and take it out as you need it. Then as you are
loading up your freezer though you want to go ahead there put the stuff that you plan
on using last on the bottom and just come back up towards the top there with the stuff
that you’re going to use that particular day. As you work your way down through and the
stuff that you are going to eat later on there you’ll have towards the bottom of the freezer.
Water, again, water will be the big issue out there so you want to conserve your water.
You want to go out there and use your water not as if you are at home there where you
have a continuous supply you could open the valve, the faucet there and just let it run.
Here you’re going to go ahead there. My motor is set up with a foot pump that allows me
to pump in salt water. I could rinse, if I use the dishes, I could rinse the dishes off
with salt water and then go ahead there and wash them in dry water, I mean fresh water
there and then rinse them off with fresh water then dry them and put them away.

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