How to Sail a Sailboat : Weather Safety Tips for Sailing

O.k. as part of safety go, we went through
the “S”, “A” is for atmosphere. You not only want to know what the weather is like, conditions,
whether it’s cloudy, overcast, sunny, rainy, foggy, but you also want to know the direction
the wind is coming from, and how hard it’s blowing. Cause, believe it not there, you
can take your boat out, raise sails and you can sail all over the bay, but where you’re
going to run into difficulties is when you’re coming back and docking the boat, or leaving
the dock. So, the main thing to remember if anything else is the direction the wind is
coming from and how hard it’s blowing, cause it will do goofy things to your boat, o.k.
“And, how do you really determine the wind? Do you listen to local channels? Do you have
a weather device on board?” Yea, there’s certain different ways out there, you can listen to
the weather forecast in the morning there, or you could get a hold of any of the news
channels out and lot of marinas also have anemometer with, gives you what the wind is
blowing, but also, when you’re in the marina, you can just feel it on your face, your hair.
Also, one of the other indicators that you will be able to use to tell which direction
the wind is coming from, is wind indexes on top of the mast of the boat. So, if you’ll
kind of look up on top, the arrow up on top is a wind indicator and that points in the
direction the wind is coming from. So, the front of the arrow there is pointing in the
direction of the wind. It’ll swing around there, depending which ever way the wind is
coming. And other indicators are flags on boats. “Tell them to show you which direction
the wind’s coming from.” We also have other indicator’s to get the, some information on
when it’s coming from such as burgees and flags, flying on other boats, which we have
over here on the kings slip behind us.

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