How to Sail a Sailboat : How to Ready a Sailboat

One thing you want to do before you leave
the dock is make sure that your boat is ready to sail. You want to get your halyards hooked
up. You want to have your jib ready to be unfurled because motors can die and you want
to have your boat ready to sail at any time. Ed is now unzipping the cover. Kelly is going; she has the other end of the
halyard and she’s taking the slack out of that line so that as we motor out onto the
open water we won’t get lines wrapped around each other. One other thing before we leave,
we need to make sure that all our lines are uncoiled and ready to go. The other thing
before we leave the dock; we’ll need to make sure we connect up our life lines at the;
all our lifelines on the side of the boat. We have some that are down and we should make
sure that those are reattached. Your shackles. Pelican shackles, they’ll snap into place.
That’s going to keep us on board while we’re out on the water.

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