fun hey kids okay so I thought this
would be a perfect email so it came into my email and a lot of times I get
trending phrase ideas from my emails and so this is one of them there’s nothing
really any you know not much of anything in here oh he’s making some cute facial
expressions though using using like body language just you know but the truth is
you can’t really tell anything from that what he’s actually me I mean here he’s
probably clowning a little bit but anyway this is how to print this email
in email how to print the email in email and so when you look up here there’s a
little printer button right there and so then it goes over oh my goodness it
showed my email okay I’m not gonna I’m not gonna fret over that because I think
a lot of people probably have it anyway and so right here
this is so we’re working in the Google Chromebook and so right here you can see
I’ve I’ve got two of them for some reason which is really strange but I
just do so you can save it as a PDF and I kind of forgot about that the other
day that you could save it as a PDF and so I do save them from time to time as a
PDF you can upload it to your Google Drive and then you can send it to your
printer and so right below my picture here and then it says print well I don’t
have it plugged in right now and let me see oh this is kind of funny so let me
see if I can pick someone else’s I don’t know sometimes you can see other
people’s emails on here from the IP but because I was I was remembering that
when I was in college it was so funny somebody had changed the email so when I
was working at the college at my temp job which remember the temp job I did I
was a non employee I did have to pay taxes I think it was through me and
power that’s what it was called the manpower but and I think they probably
did some cost sharing at that time by law they probably had to but I’m not
sure though I’m not positive but I was paid
less than the regular employees and then okay kind of treated like the redheaded
stepchild you know because they would go off and
do their meetings and stuff and I’d be left behind to take care of everything
and so so it was sort of a form of I kind of felt like it was discrimination
right at the college I was going to where I was working but who you know who
what I have been able to tell because I was a temp worker and they can just get
I mean with a temp worker you’re like the right to work an at-will employee
where they can just get rid of you you know you’re expendable
and then when you lose that job you can’t get unemployment either so you’re
a non employee is what you are you’re a non employee worker and that’s the same
thing with marriage so you’re a non employee and so when you get divorced
then you’re expendable and you’re just thrown out there and you don’t have any
help or benefits so anyway right here is where you would print and so you have
many options here so you can save as a PDF you can save to your Google Drive
and then you’ll also be able to in your Google Drive you can actually if it
doesn’t save and there is a PDF which I it may or may not I don’t know let me
see let me see what’ll happen save to Google Drive so it’s gonna save to my
Google Drive I’m gonna save Boris’s well let’s go on
ahead with it’s only got ten minutes let’s see what happens here I don’t know
what’s gonna happen um it seems to froze I think it froze a little bit so with
Wi-Fi it tends to freeze a little bit let’s cancel that oh no oh no now the
whole thing is freezing oh good grief this this is typical and normal typical
and normal we’ve got a thread up here oh there it is okay so it should be saving
okay so it just saved my Google Drive it didn’t actually it didn’t show anything
or nothing now I want to do I want to show you guys something else too I want
to show you something else so let’s do this again oh the printer is
still pressed down it looks like so I want to do this again I want to show you
also how to okay so right here we’ve got landscape oh that’s kind of slow with
because of Wi-Fi so we can change the landscape or portrait let’s see how long
it takes to Cho there it’s at landscape so this is the lag of Wi-Fi now let’s
change back to portrait so we can tap on here with our finger and I’m using my
finger and so this is just like the other printers and so I’m sure I can
change the header the footer the background graphics and I think that’s
probably so if I wanted to delete and eliminate some things out of there I
probably could options advanced let’s see what the Advanced Settings are oh
that’s in Google Drive that’s from Google Drive let me go over here too
let’s go over here to the back to the printer series okay so the printer
series so right here I can do the same thing with the portrait and landscape ah
it’s slow to populate portrait landscape black and white and color and then we’ve
got the letter and I can change the margins here I can change the margins
and the print quality right here the print quality I only have two though I
can’t do the high high high speed and here’s the scale oh we’ve got a scale
I’ve got a scale and my printer isn’t that funny so I had fonts and a weight
yesterday now today I’ve got a scale with my printer isn’t that funny a scale
a custom scale so if I want to weigh a hundred pounds I just leave it right
there and then I weigh a hundred pounds oh this is the print on both sides oh
well that’s pretty cool and then you can flip and I do I do have a flip printer
and it does work sometimes not all the time but it does work sometimes and so I
have no way to redact my email out of this it’s it’s just there so if you want
to send me my emails there you can send me a message in a letter
um you know it’s no big deal and so uh yeah cuz this is the one I use all the
time this is oh my gosh I’ve been using this email for I think I’ve been using
this one maybe for 1516 years maybe cuz you know I remit this is one thing I
remember so Google ruled the email out like okay so the only way that you could
get a gmail was to actually ask a friend you had to ask a friend and you had and
you had to get it from someone who already had a gmail account and so then
they put you on a list and so but it took them it took like five or six years
for Gmail to come out of the beta program I think before they considered
it stable and so so the thing with the Gmail what I remember is that I found
someone and so I asked them if they would put me on the list to get an email
and I think it took about six months before I was actually able to have an
email and I was so excited I don’t know why I was just so excited had to have a
gmail because I I don’t know why I was so excited to have a gmail because oh I
think there are some things in it that actually worked and functioned better
than some of the other email I was using oh I know what to like okay so at one
point Netscape Navigator was free and then they started charging for it or
when I was in Germany I think they were always charging for it possibly and then
maybe it went free I don’t know America Online it was free at one time and then
they started charging for it so but if you bought a computer that had a o L on
it or Netscape Navigator as a browser I think you could use some of it for a
limited time then they started charging you for it
and I just didn’t have feel like I had the money for to pay for email now
Google was free and Google has always been free and so that was one of the
things I loved about Gmail was the fact that it was free and so yeah yeah that’s
one of the things I always loved about the G
was that it was free and then it was pretty easy to send pictures and yeah
and then there was other things oh the blogging came along then not long
after that the blogging that was a lot of fun too was the blogging and then I
set up I think I had blogger next I think I had the Google blogger net so it
was they were all separate so first it was the email well first I was in
college the first time I think around 2001 or 2002 the first time I ever saw
Google was when I was in college and it came in like once someone used it once
and then but then I then just because of that because the word of mouth then I
became interested in it and it was just kind of a I started seeing it more and
more they started talking about it more and more and after I graduated from
college they said Google owned YouTube or no YouTube was up there


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