How to Motorboat a Girl (tutorial for beginners)

You want me to show you what is a motorboat? Yeah How to motorboat This is quite easy You just have to buy a random teddy No, a big one. This monkey will do the job We will call him Steven. Oh, this is fantastic What is the point with making a motorboat? Be patient, m*** Okey dokey So you have to buy a baby t-shirt Like this one Then you write some artistic stuff on it with of course a subtle reference to motorboat like that Put the t-shirt on the monkey Okay. Now you are ready. All you have to do is to take a walk in the street with your new bro, respecting three rules rule 1 Before 9 p.m. It is too early. The monkey will only attract kids, and this is not what you want Rule 2 After midnight. It is too late People will be too drunk for an acceptable execution of this brand new strategy Rule 3 Don’t be obvious. Don’t expose the bait in an explicit manner You need to start the discussion simply She will obviously notice and enjoy the presence of the pet What a cute monkey I will keep it as if it was my baby At this point you have to play smartly Do you like my motorboat? Yes, you want one? That was smart Yeah I mean no If you are not smart, then you might follow four easy steps Step one Time for teddy Stephen to make a move. Please make him live He likes you both and please make him naughty He’s very naughty I have to say Naughty naughty monkey A naughty monkey He’s shy Step2 Monkey goes motorboat According to the theory the girl will cooperate I love you too monkey Oh monkey monkey Yeah brilliant Step 3 Go motorboat That is simple and that is basic As suggested by the Darwinian theory: after the monkey comes the man Please show self-confidence You will increase your probability of success Also, please show accuracy in order to avoid an unfortunate failure Once more, once more Once more Encore une fois This was an unfortunate failure Don’t worry in this game if you fail you can try again Good Step 4 Do not forget to make it sound realistic Congratulation, you did it you can now boast Who is your daddy? You are Be ff, be proud of you Be proud of you, but before please make some motorboats You

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