How to get & unlock Sorana Outfit Styles, Alter Ego – Fortnite

Hey guys Omarr here so once you’ve got
the back bling and the Pickaxe for the Serrano Alfie you’re gonna want to go in
and unlock this you get two extra styles with this outfit but obviously it’s
locked and the way you unlucky is you simply go and jump into a dumpster and
also some hay and that’s how you unlock it so we’re gonna go into let’s just go
into team room work because that would be a bit easier simply jump into this
that’s fine so secret outfit style discovered cool so that’s one of the the
outfit so we’re gonna we’re gonna find and try and find a dumpster now jump
into that and then hopefully we should be able to unlock the other one here we
go so there’s a dumpster coming up and I’ll be shut up hopefully we can get
this before and then if essentially nice so we’ve unlocked that achievement so
that was just a quick look at how to unlock the two outfits then you get with
the saran ax the alternative outfits that you get with this or on that outfit
thank you so much watching guys and I’ll talk to you guys in the next one

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