How to get the blade connected before the drive

Taking the catch is a critical part of the
stroke getting the oar in the water well connected before the drive phase is
vital to having a fast boat here we can see a novice sweep rower and see how the blade goes into the water on an angle and the leg drive is largely completed
before the blades actually in the water and connected here we have a more
experienced athlete and you can see here that the blade is actually well
connected before the leg Drive really commences as the blade enters the water
it is going to move slightly because otherwise it would check the boat so
it’s important that as the blade goes into the water that the athlete starts
to move in order to be able to let the blade get well-connected and then they
apply the power once the blood is connected Here you can see a double where you can see that the person in the bow seat is not getting as well connected as the person
the stroke seat and indeed you can see as the blade goes through the water goes
almost perpendicular to the boat before it actually starts to get a bend in the oar
so this particular athlete is using their shoulders early and what’s
happening is that the blade is being rowed into the water and not being very
well connected here on the other hand we have an athlete putting the blade into
the water quite quickly and before there’s much leg drive underway so as
the blade goes in the body moves a little bit the seat on the slide moves a
little bit in order to get connected and then here you can see that there’s clear
bend in the or at once the blade is connected and is connected before the
leg drive is really under way here we have another example of how to
put the blade in and you can see here that the blades going into the water and
being quite well-connected before there’s really much seed movement at all
so as the blade starts to go in the seat moves a little in order to allow the
blade to enter the water and then once it’s in and connected then the drive phase
begins as you can see here the shins are pretty much vertical at the time that
the blades connected meaning that there’s a full leg drive and body opening to go
after the blades connected very important to get the blade well
connected at the catch simple matter of just getting to the catch and lifting
the hands before you push so to get a good connection of the catch the idea is
to come into the catch and the first movement is to lift the hands and put
the blade in water as the blade goes into the water and gets covered the seat
will move slightly in order to allow the blade to get covered once the blade is
covered though then the power can be applied with a strong leg drive it’s
important to get the blade connected before the drive. At decent rowing our
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