How to Draw a Pistol from a Holster – Navy SEAL Teaches Proper Pistol Draw

Hey guys Chris Sajnog here and in
this video I am gonna teach you how to do the rubberband draw with your pistol
let’s go ahead and get started alright so what is the rubberband draw well
that’s the name that I came up with and if you’ve read my book Navy SEAL
shooting you read about it and hopefully you’ve been practicing it but I just
want to do a short video demonstrating it for you so you can kind of see some
of the nuances and what I mean by placing all these random rubber bands
around your body well imaginary rubber bands when you’re
shooting the reason I call it the rubber band is because when you draw your
pistol I want you to imagine that you have rubber bands attached to different
places the first place you’re going to have a rubber band attached is to your
target there’s a rubber band coming from that to the muzzle of your pistol
because that’s where we want that muzzle to go so there’s going to be that
tension that’s constantly pulling it towards there the other rubber band
you’re gonna have is there’s gonna be one towards the center of your chest and
this one’s gonna be attached to the back of your pistol imaginary right these are
all imaginary rotor bands don’t really go attaching rubber bands everywhere the
reason we want this one is as we press out with that pistol we want that to
slow down because you don’t want to just stop very quickly you want that tension
to be fighting against each other so you come to a nice smooth stop when you’re
ready to shoot the third one is going to be attached to your holster because we
also want the tension to be coming in through here you’ll hear a lot of people
talk about a four point draw or a four stage draw or some some people have five
some have three but traditionally there’s going to be these stages where
you have one here two here is out of the holster and then three is a high
compressed position up here now unless you’re doing room-clearing or something
like that if my goal is to shoot at a target I don’t want to waste time
bringing the gun inside to here wanted to get smoothly from here out
where I can shoot and that’s the reason we want one attached here but there’s
also going to be one attached to your target so the gun is going to move
towards this but it’s not going to come all the way up here but it’s also not
grayed out to the side here we want to be starting to bring it along our
centerline so it can come in line with the with our eyesight in our line of
sight to our target here’s how you do the draw a couple recommendations I have
first off don’t always start your draw from the ninja position so this is the
ninja position and I see this a lot of times with military and law enforcement
because they’re used to training with a long gun like carbine they’re always in
this position but then I asked if you were just talking to somebody on the
street is this how you would get ready to draw your pistol obviously the
answer’s no so get used to having your hands in different positions maybe
you’re writing something down maybe you’re carrying groceries you can be
doing lots of things with your hands besides being in the Ninja position from
just a normal position that you’re going to be in the first thing you want to do
is when you move to draw your pistol you want to get your line of sight in one
spot so if I’m gonna draw my pistol I’m gonna step into position and now I don’t
want to move my line of sight as I’m drawing the pistol and bringing it up on
the target because if I do that essentially what I’m doing is making a
moving target I’m moving my line of sight up or down left or right it
doesn’t matter my eyes and that target are moving and they don’t need to be we
want to keep those in one place if we can so you get in your position with my
reaction or support hand I’m gonna get that ready along my center line so I can
bring my pistol up to my other hand and it’s gonna meet there I’m not gonna
bring them up together just have it waiting because there’s nothing else for
these this hand to do except like wave to somebody like hi I’m gonna shoot you
when you draw your pistol I want you to get used to coming around in a Halfmoon
shape that way you can get a high grip on your pistol because once you grab
your pistol that’s all you got you don’t get to regrab your pistol or I guess you
could but it’s gonna take a lot longer and you could be getting shot or lose a
competition as you bring your pistol that tension from these from these other
rubber bands is starting to pull so the first one that pulls is the one on my
target so that’s gonna rotate my muzzle forward now I’m gonna start my hands are
gonna meet in the middle now the best place for your hands to meet is where
you clap because you clap there all the time if you don’t clap all the time you
should because there’s a lot of things to clap about right this is where my
hands are gonna meet they’re gonna meet right there I bring it in I rotate up
and I start driving out and that tension is pulling towards my target but then I
also start having the tension from the imaginary rubber band that’s on my chest
that’s going to be slowing it down so as those sights come into my line-of-sight
front sight post and the rear sights they’re all lining up and it’s slowing
down and there’s tension and now as soon as it’s there I’m ready to take the shot
so that’s it it’s really easy make sure you are practicing it’s the only way to
get better don’t practice at the range that is the worst place you can practice
shooting okay get one of these blue guns get an airsoft gun that’s the same shape
and size as your gun and your training will take off so again that’s it for the
rubber band draw make sure you go ahead and practice and until next time keep
paving your path to perfection hey I really hope you enjoyed watching that
video and if you did I put together my top three videos for learning to shoot
at home and I want to give those to you absolutely free now all you have to do
is click the I card that just popped up or you can go to Chris sign on com
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your path to perfection guys

36 thoughts on “How to Draw a Pistol from a Holster – Navy SEAL Teaches Proper Pistol Draw

  1. Chris I have a disability my left arm is now paralyzed due to a stroke I only have my right hand my dominant side thank God! How can I operate my Sig 250 shooting one handed and loading a full mag upon emptying my current empty clip? Can you do a video on one hand operation of a semi automatic hand gun?

  2. I'm sure you know a lot more about combat shooting than I ever will, but this is too complicated for me.

  3. Great video. Thanks for the tools. I'll be working on my draw using this. Look forward to watching the rest of your stuff

  4. Thank you for the Video sir! Thank you for your service, perfect time for a clapping! 👏👏👏 Great video!

  5. dude i didn't have any rubber bands, so i substituted my issued bungee cords, and i just got all hooked up when you said "imaginary rubber bands". i'm glad no one walked in then.

  6. Thx cris couldn't really get what the book was saying as far as the rubber bands but seeing it makes so much more since someday I will get out and do some classes with you thank you for your service and ty for helping my shooting

  7. I've been doing the half moon shape backwards since this video came out. LOL RE TRAIN. Now that I've tried it the right way a few times it's way smoother and works well when sweeping my concealment vest out of the way.

  8. I love all of your videos so informative and thank you for your service. I usually carry concealed and I’ve learned a lot from you. Do you have a video about getting a good purchase on your pistol while it’s concealed? I like how you explain it in this video how you kind of circle around with your right hand so that you can be high up on the gun, but if you have to move clothes out of the way you probably can’t do that. Thanks again

  9. Thanks Chris. I'm taking my first firearms training class in a couple of weeks. Your videos are really helpful and I appreciate how you break things down into an understandable process. Thanks for sharing your expertise…I've never even held a gun before so I just ordered a rubber training pistol to practice some of the basics you've demonstrated, before I start my firearms training classes.

  10. One of my imaginary rubber bands snapped and hit me in the eye, blinding me and causing me to shoot my right foot in the chaos. Do you have any videos for guys who are blind in one eye and have one good foot?

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