How to Clean a Sailboat : How to Rinse Off a Sailboat

Hi, I’m Ches Rainier, welcome to Expert Village.
Today we’re going to be talking about some techniques used to clean a fiberglass boat.
Alright, now that we’ve finished with the scrub down with our soap mixture, we’re going
to rinse down the boat. It should be pretty basic, just hose it off again just like we
did in the beginning with our initial rinse down. All the stuff we broke up when we scrubbed
it down, now we’re going to rinse it off, you can’t leave that on there. The soap residue
should be pretty minimal since we used minimal soap and we used a biodegradable soap so as
you can see with the water there’s no slime or anything left over. And the goal in any marine environment is
just to try to leave as little trace as possible with what you’re doing. We’re trying to conserve
water, that’s why we’ve got our “on” and “off” hose thing here. If you use as little soap
as possible, then that’s less soap to get into the water.

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