How to Activate Your New Vector CANoe Licenses

Hello I’m Eva and today I’m going to show
you how to activate your New Vector Licenses with the Vector License Client. Bevor we actually go to the computer and do it, I show
you which elements we need to activate the software: On your side there is the operation computer, the one where CANoe will be running. During your CANoe installation the Vector
License Client has been installed. Additionally you probably have a Vector interface
connected via USB. Possibly also a Vector Keyman as a license
carrier. On the Vector side, there is the Vector License
Activation Server which manages the New Vector Licenses. So what has happened so far? The Vector License Activation Server has created
an Activation Key for one or multiple licenses. This Activation Key has been sent from Vector
via email to you as a customer. –
Here you see an example of an Activation Key on a license information document. This is sent out from Vector with the delivery
note. So we have just installed the software – for
example CANoe – but not activated the license yet. And we have an Activation Key. Click now on the Windows Start button and
type “License”. You see two Vector softwares. The Vector License Client and the
Vector License Manager. Please start the Vector License Client. If your computer is connected to the internet
click “Activate Online”. Paste the Activation Key in the field. After you have loaded the Activation Key you
select which license you want to activate. In this case we activate CANoe 11 and the
Option LIN. Then select where to store the license. Basically you can store the licenses
on the operation computer itself, on a supported Vector interface or on a Vector Keyman. The target device is important because only
with the connected target device you can work with the software. We want to place the licenses on
the operation computer so I select “Local PC” and then click “Activate”. You can follow the indivdual actions in the
Logbook window of your Vector License Client. At the end of the successful activation it’s
shown in the overview by a green checkmark. Now what has happened? You entered the Activation Key in the Vector
License Client; this one connected over the internet and the Vector License
Activation Server transfers the license to the operation computer. You can now close the Vector License Client
and start working with CANoe. This was the activation of New Vector
Licenses with the Vector License Client. This process works very similar for
many Vector Software products. For further information on the New Vector
License Model please visit our KnowledgeBase under

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