How Powerful is the Alliance Navy? – WoW Lore

Hello guys this is Doronsmovies and today
I will be talking about the Alliance navy and how powerful it is. Covering the history, the structure, the ships
and various lore bits about it. So without further ado, let’s get into the
lore! Traditionally the alliance has generally been
the faction with the larger navy. This is mainly because it started through
the tradition of the human kingdoms and expanded from there, while the Horde only really recently
formed and created a naval force of their own. Even though the bulk of the armada sprung
up from Stormwind and the other kingdoms, today it is very diverse including other races
both in terms of ships, manpower and technology. In particular, it was heavily reinforced by
gnomish engineering, not only with new ship designs but with a rework of the old ones. The navy is key for the Alliance war effort
and it has literally been used in every single conflict apart from the invasion of Outland. The navy even played a part in alternate Draenor
by assembling ships there. The size of the fleet has been fluctuating
for years and it has consistently suffered terrible losses. Mainly in the war against the Horde forces,
but also against the Burning Legion invasion and now recently the Zandalari and Azshara. Actual numbers are unclear, but at one point
Varian mentioned that there were 200 ships at his disposal but that is unsure if it is
just one fleet or the entire navy. The main construction yard and hub is located
at the Stormwind city Harbor and it is where not only most ships were built at but where
most invasions and campaigns were launched from. Other bases and constructions sites do exist
but they aren’t anywhere near as important as the Stormwind harbour. Throughout these years the Alliance has had
an excellent connection with their allies and was able to dominate the seas although
within the past few years the factions consolidated power more within their own continents. At one point the Alliance had ports all throughout
the Eastern Kingdoms, Azuremyst Isle, Northrend, Pandaria, Teldrassil, Darkshore, Theramore
and even Durotar very close to the Horde capital city. The former ally, Kul’Tiras joined the Alliance
recently and they not only added a very strategic point to the faction but also provided their
large navy. Unfortunately, a big portion of the ships
was destroyed in the battle against Azshara. Still, Theramore had a fleet which was a part
of Kul’Tiras, Kul’Tiras has been fabled for their fleet, Stormwind also and possibly even
other kingdoms had their ships retreat to Stormwind. This means that the Alliance has traditionally
been a naval superpower commanding large control over the entire world. In terms of the ships used there isn’t that
much diversity but there are a few ships that each serve their own specific purpose and
they all play a role in the grand strategy: Most importantly you have the transports,
both elven and human ones. They are battleships at the same time although
they are outdated and replaced at this point which is why they are mainly used for transporatation
as they do seem the cheapest and the easiest to develop. After that, you have the battleships which
forms the bulk of most Alliance fleets. First used during Pandaria it is very similar
to the transport ships just reinforced with armour and new weaponry. It is susceptible to air attacks but is very
effective at outclassing smaller destroyers and is very mobile. There are many versions of it, some smaller
some larger and they are some of the strongest ships within the Alliance armada. Then there is the Icebreaker, designed for
the Northrend campaign it quickly became the main class of destroyer ships. It is often utilized to support larger battleships
although it can do a lot on it’s own as it is very heavily armoured on the sides. Steam-powered with sails and masts it also
sometimes has gnomish and dwarven engineering boosting it technologically. Then you have smaller specialized submarines
of gnomish design which are used for various activities. They can strike surface and underwater targets
and even take to land and function as ground assault craft. We’ve seen them used for all sorts of purposes
and as they have been developed throughout the years they are a key aspect of the fleet. Other than the main alliance ships, there
are also Kul’tiran variants which are very powerful in there own right. There is the massive Flagship, equipped with
two rows of cannons and heavily armoured, being the largest vessel of the navy. There are also the medium-sized destroyers,
used for battle, transport and trade and come in a few variants. Usually mobile and supporting larger ships. There you have it, those are the main ships
we know. Usually, the armada is also supported by the
airforce although that is a topic for another video. In terms of how powerful the Alliance navy
is I would say they are the most powerful naval force on the planet. Sure they have been destroyed countless times,
sure the Kul’tiran fleet was obliterated but the Alliance possess many dockyards, a long
naval tradition, experienced and battle-hardened personnel and they are well connected even
today throughout most of the world of Azeroth. Humans were a naval force for a long time
but now with gnomes and dwarves being a part of the faction their ship designs were significantly
bolstered and the use of submarines and other vessels drastically altered their strategy
and tactics. So overall I would say the Alliance possesses
the most powerful navy on Azeroth. Thank you for watching. Check out what are the physically strongest
races in the game by clicking on the screen and also check out the second channel for
videos on real-world history and science. See you next time!

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  2. still baffled that the only reason why the Horde manage to survive during the 2nd war was killing Derek, which resulted a huge lost from the Alliance.

    i can't imagine what will happen if the Horde didn't manage to destroy the ship where Derek was in.

  3. Funny you made this, due to the fact I was wondering that myself this morning while driving to my new 🏠. Thanks man love your channel.

  4. I'm just a little disappointed that there wasn't more emphasis on the Night Elves contributions to the Navy. If I remember correctly, the Night Elves' navy were composed primarily of small, swift vessels that were used to transport soldiers, VIPs, and equipment like ballistas, like super-fast.

  5. Alliance has always been about ships and naval force, but the horde has always been stronger in air force, with goblin zeppelin and wind riders

  6. Nice analysis. Originally the Alliance was conceived to have the major maritime power, majorly with the Human kingdom dedicated to the exploration and navigation: Kul Tiras.

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  8. Nice video doron. It's obvious alliance is the strongest if we talk about navy, even if we put air force they are still better than horde's air force

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