How Indian Navy’s INS Kalvari Can Sink World’s Mightiest Carrier Battle Groups

Welcome to WARN, Todays News is. How Indian Navy�s INS Kalvari Can Sink World�s
Mightiest Carrier Battle Groups Indian Navy is inducting it�s Kalvari class
diesel-electric submarine�s fleet rapidly. Indian Navy�s Kalvari is a Scorpene class
submarine. Indian Navy just signed the contract with
a french company for six Scorpene Class submarines for Indian Navy. Kalvari class was chosen over it�s Russian
and German counterparts because of its combat capabilities. Kalvari Class is one of the most silent and
technologically very sophisticated machines. Kalvari faced criticism when the sensitive
data of the submarine was leaked about her capabilities. Indian Navy still inducted her with changes
in her system. Recently, Indian Navy successfully test-fired
Exocet Anti-Ship missile from INS Kalvari(The lead ship of the Kalvari Class fleet). Carrier Battle Groups are the large formation
of battleships, which consist of anti-submarine vessels and aircraft, destroyers, frigates,
submarine and an aircraft carrier. Carrier Battle Groups generally have huge
security bubble supported by one or two nuclear submarines continuously. The important question to ponder is, how can
the Kalvari class submarine, which is just a diesel electric submarine can sink the world�s
mightiest carrier battle groups of the world. Kalvari�s capabilities are over hyped but
there are facts that back the lethal submarine, it is a very class relative of Sweden�s
Gotland class diesel-electric attack submarine. Gotland class displaces 1600 tons of water
and said to be one of the stealthiest submarines in the world. It is a masterpiece of Sweden naval advancement. In 2005, there was a joint exercise between
US Navy and Swedish Navy. Gotland class submarine of the Swedish Navy
was tasked to attack the mighty US Carrier Battle Group. Gotland class dived and started hunting the
US Ships. Despite having cutting edge anti-submarine
capabilities. US flotilla didn�t able to trace or even
find the small submarine. After sometime, US Ships targeted by torpedoes
coming from nowhere. Gotland gone ghost underwater and started
targeting USS Ronald Reagan(CVN-76). In the meantime, world�s most advance and
highly sophisticated carrier battle group was sinking in front of a submarine which
displaces 100 times less weight than the carrier. INS Kalvari will enhance the future submarine
capabilities of India in the sea. INS Kalvari could also target a massive fleet
with efficiency, without compromising its position. It will be the game changer in such conflicts,
the only threat to India currently is represented by China. China is increasing it�s aircraft fleet
rapidly to dominate the Indian Ocean but Kalvari class submarine seems very capable of leveling
the humongous Chinese naval fleet.

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